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[Updated] Tammy Parra Twitter: Check What Is In Tammy Parra Tik Tok Video, Also Find Omar’s Message On Tammy Parra Instagram Account

In Tammy Parra Twitter, we will discuss what is going on between her and her relationship with her boyfriend.

Do you know the news about Tammy Parra’s breakup? What is going on between her ex-fiancé and her? What do the two have to say about their relationship? People Worldwide are talking about the news of Omar’s apology and Tammy’s official breakup message. Let us know Tammy Parra Twitter message and Omar’s reply to that through this post.


What is the recent news about Tammy Parra?

Tammy Parra and Omar Núñez are in the news because their relationship ended surprisingly. Tammy first announced her decision to break up with Omar in a TikTok Video. Omar’s public apology came through two stories where he mentioned how he screwed all of these followed to it. The two got engaged in Paris, France, before their breakup. 

What is there in Tammy Parra Tik Tok video?

A video she posted on Tik Tok said she decided to split up with her fiancé. Following this, she said she is a lady who does not need anyone, much less a man. She has said this because she finds Omar has been unfaithful to her. 

The creator expressed that she has a golden rule to let go of all the people who do not value and respect you. Also, she added that she lost a man who did not respect her, but he lost a really cool woman.

What did she say about her relationship with his fiance?

 After Tammy Parra Infidelidad message came on social media, people talked about them. Tammy Parra said that life is a roller coaster; sometimes you can be up and sometimes very down. It hurts because she knew him, but now she is satisfied that she gave her loyalty and respect a hundred per cent. She is still in shock at how a man can forget his partner.

What is Omar’s message for Tammy?

Omar took to Tammy Parra Instagram to share two stories in which he tearfully apologized for the mistake that led to the end of their relationship. After several persons claimed that Omar had written them extremely suggestive messages on Instagram, and the influencer’s strategy was to turn on the platform’s temporary mode so that these messages would vanish, Parra learned of her boyfriend’s dishonesty.

As per sources, he said he was paying the price for his mistakes and failed the relationship; he failed Tammy. He added that he made the error of sending messages and using photographs and sincerely regrets it. On Tammy Parra Instagram account, he wrote she was an outstanding, golden woman with whom he had everything. He made the worst mistake of his life.


Tammy Parra and Omar Núñez’s relationship and breakup news is the talk of the town today. Whereas Tammy ended her relationship with him, Omar took a social media to apologize sincerely. You can check the Tweet video from Omar here.

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Tammy Parra Twitter- FAQs

Q1. Who is Tammy Parra?

She is a social media personality who often discusses trips, makeup tips, and personal experiences.

Q2. What brand does Tammy own?

Tammy Parra is a native of Guadalajara and owns eyelash growth serum “Tammy Parra Lashes.”

Q3. Where did the two get engaged?

The two got engaged in Paris, France, before their breakup. 

Q4. What was the name of her ex-fiance?

Her ex-fiance name is Omar Núñez.

Q5. Did Omar apologize for what he did?

Omar uses Tammy Parra Instagram to apologized to her for what he had done to her.

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