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Takeoff Shooting Video Reddit: Explore Details Of Viral Video On Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram Social Pages!

This post on Takeoff Shooting Video Reddit will update the readers on the shooting that took place at Billiards and Bowling Houston.

Have you seen the viral video where the rapper of Migos was gunned down? Who did this and why this happened? A 28-year-old man died in a shooting while two victims are injured. People are talking about this shooting Worldwide. In this post, we will discuss Takeoff Shooting Video Reddit and how this happened. Also, the readers can know if the culprits are caught. 

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Takeoff Gunned Down: Reddit Video

A video on Reddit was viral where a rapper of 28 from Migos was shot dead. People are sharing these videos on Reddit. As per the police, when they reached the destination, Takeoff died whereas two people who were injured were taken to hospital for treatment in a private vehicle. The incident took place in Texas, Houston. Migos, the rap trio were present at Bowling Alley.

Latest News and Video Viral On Twitter

This news is viral and taking the attention of all the people. Some people reported that they were present at the moment when the shooting took place. On Twitter people are sharing images or videos. Some have shared the location of the incident. This shows that everyone in the town is familiar with this shooting. 

Details on Takeoff

Real Name Kirshnik Khari Ball
Date of Birth 18 June 1994
Date of Death 1 November 2022
Reason of Death Died in Shooting
Net worth $26 million
Place of death Houston, Texas
Father’s Name  Unavailable 
Mother’s Name Unavailable (raised by Edna Marshall)

Profile of Takeoff on Instagram

As per our research, Takeoff was a popular rapper and has good popularity on Insta. He has around 8.5 million followers and used to share his regular updates through pictures or videos on Instagram. In his tags section, people are tagging him and expressing their homage to the passed soul. 


Profile of Takeoff on Instagram

Are the culprits arrested? 

There is no information on the culprits’ identity for now. When this firing took place, the place was extremely rushed and nobody tried to identify who started shooting. As per the officials, there were guards present at the bowling alley, and when they heard the voice of a gunshot, they rushed there. Takeoff Video Bowling Alley Reddit is spreading everywhere and people are sad about this loss. This incident took place at 801 Billiards and Bowling Houston at 2:30 a.m.

Who was present with Takeoff at Bowling Alley?

As per online sources, Takeoff went to place Dice with his nephew Quavo. They were also followed by Quavo’s cousin Offset. The trio was formed in 2008 and named Migos. They launched their first appearance with ‘Versace’ in 2013 and got wide popularity. 

As per sources, Quavo and Offset are safe and they were not shot. But, Quavo screamed for Takeoff and tried to help him. But, unfortunately, it was too late. 

We hope that we answered: What Happened To Take Off From The Migos Video Reddit? The HipHop community appealed to everyone not to leak graphics or videos or any footage of Takeoff out of respect for his family. 

Note: We have taken these details from the internet. The purpose of this post was to provide information to our readers and not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. 


We have provided all valuable details on this shooting. You can check some posts on Twitter that shows that the fans are curious to know more on this shooting.

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Takeoff Shooting Video Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What was the real name of Takeoff?

Ans. The real name of Takeoff was Kirshnik Khari Ball.

Q2. What happened to Takeoff?

Ans. He was shot dead in a Bowling Alley where he was playing Dice with his nephew Quavo and his cousin, Offset.

Q3. Are Quavo and Offset safe?

Ans. Yes, both are safe and they did not suffer any injury.

Q4. Who else was injured in the shooting?

Ans. Two other unidentified people were injured in the shooting. The identities are not disclosed until the family members give consent.

Q5. Was the video viral on Telegram?

Ans. Video went viral on several platforms including Reddit and Twitter. It is unknown if it is available on Telegram.

Q6. When did this shooting take place and where was Takeoff shot?

Ans. The shooting took place at 2:30 a.m. Takeoff was shot in his head and neck.

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