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Do you know takeoff? Do you love his songs? If you are one of the fans of rapper takeoff then you must know that the rapper is no more. Yes, it’s true the rapper was killed on Tuesday morning. After his death was confirmed, several people Worldwide are shocked. People are giving condolences to his family through social media. 

We have found all the crucial details regarding Takeoff Shooting Twitter Reddit.

Takeoff Shot Dead

The popular rapper takeoff shot dead on Tuesday. As per the reports, Takeoff was shot and died over a fight in a dice game. Takeoff, along with his teammates Quavo and offset was at a private party at Billiards and Bowling 810 in Houston downtown. A fight broke in the party and that led to a shooting in which the famous rapper Takeoff lost his life. 

Obituary of Takeoff 

Currently, takeoff’s obituary is not released yet. There is no information about his Obituary. In the shooting, Takeoff was dead when the police arrived. The shooting injured two people who were taken to hospital in a private vehicle. 

Viral On Telegram

The takeoff Shooting video went viral on various social media accounts. The video was also circulated on Twitter, reddit and other social media accounts. As per our research, there is no shooting video on Telegram. Many unknown accounts have posted pictures and videos related to takeoff Shooting.


Takeoff was a part of Migos, a popular rap trio. The other members of the trio are Quavo and offset also present at the scene they tried to save Takeoff but unfortunately, they couldn’t save his life. The police arrived at the moment and investigated the scene. Quavo and Offset were his family members. 

Takeoff Instagram account

Takeoff was popular on many social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, etc. He was known by people all over the world. Takeoff has 8.5 million followers on Instagram account. Some of his photos are also available on Instagram accounts. Hours before his death, he posted a picture from the bowling alley.

Takeoff was a well-known personality who was popular for his rap songs. The world is grieving over his unfortunate death. As of now, no arrests are made. The culprit is not caught at the moment. 

Takeoff Biography

Some people are looking for ” What Happened To Take Off From The Migos Video Reddit” whereas some people want to know more details about him. So let’s discuss his biography in the following table:

Name Takeoff
Real name/ full name Kirshnik Khari Ball
Age 28 
Birthplace  Lawrenceville, Georgia
Born Date  18 June 1994
Death Date 1 November 2022
Occupation  Songwriter


Labels  Capitol

Quality control


Genres  Trap

Hip hop

Cause of Death  Gunshot 
Active years  2008-2022
Rap group  Migos 

Takeoff Cause of death

As we have mentioned in the above sections, Takeoff was killed in a shooting at a private party. There is no information regarding the shooter in Takeoff Shooting Twitter Reddit. There are around forty people in front of the Bowling alley when the party ended around 1:00 am. Takeoff’s fellow Migos partners were also present there but are not injured. 

Other people have received injuries but the injuries are not life-threatening. After hearing the noise of gunfire on the balcony some people, the fire officials, and Houston Police reached the scene around 2:40 am. The police stated that they were outside the bar and it was not open at that time. 

In a nutshell

You can read this post to know about Takeoff.

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Takeoff Shooting Twitter Reddit- FAQS:

  1. Who was Takeoff?

Takeoff was a popular rapper and a member of the popular rap trio Migos.

  1. How did Takeoff die?

Takeoff was shot dead in a private party on 1 November 2022.

  1. Who killed Takeoff?

Unfortunately, the details regarding the shooter are not released yet. No arrests have been made yet by the police.

  1. What is the real name of Takeoff?

The real name of Takeoff is Kirshnik Khari Ball.

  1. When did Takeoff begin rapping?

Takeoff commenced rapping in 2008, along with Quavo and offset his fellow family members. 

  1. When was Takeoff born?

Takeoff took birth on 18 June 1994. 

  1. Is the Takeoff Shooting Twitter Reddit video available?

We couldn’t find any video on Reddit but on Twitter, some accounts have posted death scene photos and videos.   

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