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Szabolcs Fekete LinkedIn: Explore Complete Information On His Citibank Profile Details

What is Szabolcs Fekete LinkedIn profileWhat was his position at Citibank? Read all the information here.

Who is Szabolcs Fekete LinkedIn? Why is Szabolcs trending on social media? What did he do? Did Fekete worked at the Citibank? Did he get fired from his job? Please read this article and learn all the details. People from the United Kingdom and the United States are wondering about this case. Let us talk in -brief.

Szabolcs Fekete LinkedIn

After conducting extensive research on the LinkedIn profile of Szabolcs Fekete, there were a lot of profiles with the same name. But we needed help locating the same person in the question. Thus, we have decided not to include any profile links to avoid any confusion. 

After the case of the dismissal of a Citibank employee on the grounds of non-disclosure of frank facts, people are trying to search for the details about that employee. The employee’s name is Szabolcs Fekete. This case is trending online, and it is now a topic of debate on social media. 

Details on Fekete Szabolcs Citibank          

Szabolcs was a Citibank employee. He was working as a senior analyst, and he went on a work trip in July 2022 (last year). After coming back from the work trip, he took a medical leave of six weeks. He was suffering from the loss of his grandmother (as he told the authorities). 

As per sources, on his three-night work trip to Amsterdam, he took along his spouse. He revealed it to one of his colleagues. When he submitted the expense report. A senior of Szabolcs and a Citi director interrogated him about his expenses because his expense pattern was a bit off.

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More Details on Fekete Szabolcs Citibank 

As per sources, the Citi director inquired why his food bills reflected that the order was for two people because he ordered 2 sandwiches and 2 coffees along with a Pesto Pasta and some other pasta dish. Thus, he explained that he drank two coffees because one was very small and had one sandwich at lunch and the other at dinner time. 

He tried to come clean. But, then the senior counter questioned him, asking to list the name of the other colleague with whom he shared his lunch. He claimed that he ate everything alone, and Szabolcs Fekete LinkedIn does not want to explain his eating habits. 

Additional Details into the Case

Citibank’s work trip policies clearly state that they will not pay for the spouse of any employee. The daily limit is 100 Euros. Further, on a Zoom call, Fekete was interrogated about another order where he added the expense of 2 pasta orders for a single sitting. 

At first, he lied about sharing it with his partner. When the senior asked him directly. But a few days later, he accepted his fault. But, at last, he was fired from his job on the grounds of misrepresentation of facts. 


Fekete Szabolcs Citibank case is trending on the social media. As per sources, Fekete was dismissed from Citibank upon false representation of facts. And he needed to make honest clarifications. Although, Szabolcs claimed it to be an unfair dismissal. But the jury agreed otherwise. The Citibank officials are satisfied with the judgement. As per sources, He paid for his partner’s food at his office’s expense wrongfully and then concealed the facts. For more details about the case, click here.

Have you heard about Szabolcs Fekete’s case? Please comment below with your thoughts about Fekete’s dismissal case. 

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