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Syngin Girlfriend: Curious To Know About Colchester? What Post Is Tredning On Instagram? Check Age & Trending Reddit News Here!

In this article, you will find out the reality of Syngin Girlfriend and his relationships. Also, please get the latest update on his girlfriend and ex partner.

Do you watch American Reality Show 90 days fiancé? Do you want to know why Tania and Syngin broke up? People are shocked by the decision of Tanya breaking up with his husband on camera. Everyone wants to know who his current girlfriend is, Syngin.

90 days fiancé is an American show that telecasts in the United States. Roller coaster emotional down and drama in the show create excitement in the viewers. The show is gaining a massive reach. Everyone wants to know who is Syngin Girlfriend after the breakup controversy.


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What Went Wrong?

On the 12 December episode, TLC superstar Tania came in front to sign up divorce paper with Syngin. Earlier, people saw the couple as having a good relationship and happy married life. The couple also had some disagreements and arguments, but ultimately they kept forcing each other to maintain the relationship, but it wasn’t working.

After the show 90 Day Fiancé, the couple went on poking each other. The couple has a toxic relationship; Syngin was caught cheating with another girl. Moreover, after the show, he went off social media.


What Went Wrong

Recently he uploaded a few pictures on his Instagram handle with Shan Francisco. Syngin and Shan recently started dating each other. They also shared a picture of kissing on the beach.

How did Syngin and Tania meet?

Syngin and Tania met on a US trip in 2017. Tania went to South Africa, and via a dating app, she found Syngin. The couple started meeting at a bar and spending time together. A few moments later, they fell in love and decided to start a life together. 

The couple together decided to participate in a 90 days fiance show. After that, they even got married in July 2019. The couple agreed to sign the divorce paper on camera at the Age of Syngin, 30, and Tania, 32.

Sadly the marriage wouldn’t last long, and they decided to separate in October 2021. The major drawbacks of their relationship were major disagreements on lifestyle and having children. When the couple parted, Syngin hooked up with another lady that raised him in controversies.

After looking at the recent post of Syngin, viewers and his fans appreciate and congratulate him. At the same time, some people are making fun of him and giving sarcastic Well wishes. Additionally, the star of 90-day fiance on the show Tiffany also commented on his photo,’ it’s weird they both are looking like siblings.’

Reddit Report:

Worldwide, people are making memes and making fun of the unstable relationship with Syngin. Few people find it interesting, while few comment on this as fake.

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Wrapping up!

Everyone went crazy when Syngin uploaded a photo with his new girlfriend, Shan Francisco. Lots of his fans are offended by his break with Tania. So people have mixed opinions about his relationship.

What do you think of his current relationship? Comment below. 

Syngin Girlfriend: FAQs

Q1 What is the Age of Syngin?

Syngin is 31 years old. He was born on 28 September.

Q2 Where did Syngin and Tania meet?

The couple met via a dating app in South Africa.

Q3 Why did Syngin and Tania have a divorce?

The couple was facing multiple troubles in lifestyle and future planning.

Q4 Who was the winner of 90-Day Fiancé season 7?

Robert and Anny Springs won the season 7

Q5 Who is the Current girlfriend of Syngin?

Currently, Syngin is dating Shan Francisco.

Q6 What is the full name of Syngin?

Syngin Colchester.

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