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{Uncensored} Syko Bob Mom Killed Twitter: What Is His Real Name? Also Find Details On Psycho Rapper Mother Killed, Net Worth

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Do you know Syko Bob? Did you hear about his mother’s murder? Syko Bob Mom Killed Twitter pictures are viral all over the world. The mother of the popular rapper Syko Bob was found dead in a van in the United States. The photos of the scene are spread all over the internet. Several people are finding more details regarding his mother. Start scrolling to get whole details on the viral news.

Syko Bob mother murder

The mother of a well-known rapper, Syko Bob was found dead in a van on Wednesday. Syko Bob’s mother Dorothy was killed by a gunshot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dorothy was found by family friends and neighbours in a van, who later identified her as Syko’s mother. Syko Bob Real Name is Cambrel Smart. As per the online sources, he is currently in jail serving five year prison. Syko Bob was imprisoned in 2022 for gun possession charges. 

A short footage of the investigation was leaked and posted on social media. The footage shows a cop standing near the car. Only a short clip is available which does not show any sensitive content. There are no further details regarding the murder. Currently, only a limited number of details are revealed. As per the reports, Syko Bob is still in prison and no details are available of his release from prison for his mother’s last rites.

Who killed Syko Bob Mother?

Syko Bob, whose real name is Cambrel Smart has lost his mother. His mother Dorothy was murdered inside a van on 13th September. The investigation regarding the murder is going on. The cops are identifying the culprit and people belonging to the murder. Currently, there are no details about the culprit. The details are kept under wraps and not much information about the case is released. 

The authorities have not revealed any details about Syko Bob currently. A video of her mother was also posted on the internet. The video shows Dorothy lying unconscious in the front seat of her mini van. Psycho Bob Rapper Mom Killed footage has been taken down and only a short investigation video is available.

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Brief about Syko Bob

Syko Bob is a popular rapper who works under the sniper gang group of Kodak Black. Syko Bob hails from Broward County. He gained popularity when he appeared in Kodad Black’s song, Righteous Reaper. Before this, he had already released his music. In 2019, Syko Bob released his first album, Nightmare Baby. 

In January 2022, the rapper was caught by the cops for overspending the vehicle. After an investigation, police found illegal medicine in his vehicle and a loaded firearm. In March 2023, he was arrested for gun possession and sentenced to five years in prison. The Net Worth of Syko Bob is unknown. 

Disclaimer: This post does not involve a murder video. The information published in this article is taken from different online websites.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, Syko Bob’s mother was killed on Wednesday. Currently, the investigation regarding the murder is ongoing. As soon as any details regarding the culprit are released we will update you. A short video footage of the investigation is available on the social media platform X. You can visit this link to learn more details on Syko Bob.

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