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Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck And Catering: Check Reviews Here

Need to know the controversy that Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering LLC is facing? The Reviews and details are here in this post.

Are you aware of the ongoing controversies one of the Dallas restaurants is facing? Who is Keth Lee, and what should you know about the online viral conversation? People in the United States witnessed the new drama from the restaurant, where it is claimed that the owner used Keith’s generosity for personal gain. Let’s discuss the matter in the Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering post below.

What is the ongoing controversy of Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering?

What is the ongoing controversy of Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering

Before knowing this controversy, here is a brief introduction about Kith Lee. Keith Lee is a food critic who used to review restaurants in his food tour and post updates on social media.

Keith was tagged and invited by the owner’s son, Deon Spelling, to visit one of the restaurants, Sweetly Seasoned. As per the report, Deon made an invitation video and informed Lee that his mother is an award-winning pastry chef, but the food truck faces some issues with the marketing.

On January 30, 2024, Keith visited the restaurant and posted Sweetly Seasoned LLC Reviews. However, a day after this review, sweetly seasoned owner Kim Viverette is facing backlash over a $4000 tip.

What happened when Keith Lee visited Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck?

Upon visiting Sweetly Seasoned, Keith Lee complimented the work ethic of the food business and noticed barbers and women doing braids. Lee pointed to the area and said, “This truck is full of hustlers from a parking lot in north Dallas.” He wrote in a review that the food is like a mix of street foods from various cultures.

While leaving, Lee left $4000 as a generous tip and asked the owner to distribute $1000 to the barber, another $1000 to the woman doing braids, and the rest of the amount to her. Additionally, he left some money from the next 300 customer orders.

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The Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering controversy explained in detail:

After an Instagram post from a Texxposed TV went viral, the controversies began. As per Texxposed TV, a video is posted where a woman named Sherell S. Hodge claims that Sweetly Seasoned owner started charging for food after only three customers. Sherell is the same woman who was seen advertising with Lee for Sweetly Seasoned on the day he visited. She openly accused Viverette of keeping the entire $4000 herself and not giving a $1000 tip to the barber.  

According to Sherell, Viverette, Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering owner, explained that the entire tip was for her as she did not ask the woman for help or services. Sherell S. Hodge continued taking the help of social media to get a share of the money to the barber. She wrote on X, “Sweetly Seasoned, you owe him.”

The viral war of words:

To defend the mother’s business, Deon Spelling accused Sherell S. Hodge in return. He said she is doing this for prestige chase and filming with Lee in order to gain attention on social media.  

On social media, the conversational war between the two went viral within hours. Many started condemning the Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck and Catering owner and her behavior. Others also suggested not to visit this restaurant because of all that happened.

Who is Keith Lee?

Who is Keith Lee

Keith Lee is a former MMA fighter who is now a food critic and TikToker. @keith_lee125 left Bellator fighting in 2021 and started posting reviews on TikTok. His new food hacks and review journey have made him popular as a food critic, and he has more than 7 million followers.

He used to share entertaining videos, rate the items in the restaurants, and ask fans whether they would also like to taste them.

Keith Lee helped many local businesses reach the target market through his popularity and reviews. Sweetly Seasoned LLC Reviews is the first tip-stealing accusation that Keith has endorsed.

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This is all about the controversies behind Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck. Keith Lee might not want this to happen, but surely, he will be careful next time so that the restaurants he chooses will be able to reach the target market. You can check the entire controversy surrounding the food truck owner and review it here.

Would you like to visit this restaurant after this news? Do comment on your opinion on this matter.

Disclaimer: The news is only for the information purpose and we are not making any personal allegations through our writing.

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