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Svs NFT (Sep 2021) Contract Address, Price, How To Buy?

This article provides information about the new NFT release about vampires and tells you about the Svs NFT in detail with all necessary facts and information.

Do you want to know about the new NFT game that is released recently? Are you looking for genuine information related to the SVS game? Well, many NFTs are now active on the internet with different tokens and rewards. 

This article will discuss one of the NFT called Svs NFT, which is establishing its business in the United States and many other countries. Also, we will tell you some interesting facts about this NFT. 

What is SVS?

SVS is Sneaky Vampire Syndicate which features different types of vampires. According to the official site, around 8888 unique vampires have populated the blockchain of this NFT. All the vampires are different from one another and have its characteristics. 

All the vampire token, i.e., ERC-71, are stored safe and secure in the Ethereum Blockchain, and only the holders can use them. 

Who is the founder of Svs NFT?

The SVS token founder is Mig, who is the artist and the project lead are the Topkek. You can find information about all the teammates and developers on the official site. 

What is the release date of SVS?

The new NFT project, which is SVS, was released on Sunday, 12th September 2021. As the NFT gets released in the United States and other countries, you can now book the token for the pre-sale and have a chance to win the SVS derivatives art contest. 

What is the price of an SVS token?

As the Svs NFT got released recently, there isn’t much information about the token and tokenomics. However, the price of the vamp 0.08 ETH is like $275, and right now, only around 164 vampires are remaining. 

No other information is provided regarding the Vampire ETH and the tokens of SVS. However, we will keep updating the article for you as soon as we get some information. 

What are the views of people regarding SVS coin?

People already created a buzz before the release of this NFT. At present, after the release of the Svs NFT, people are excited to invest their money and look for its benefits. Many of the investors are interested in investing in this NFT but waiting for the sale. 

However, you can check the pre-sale details on the official site of the SVS and know the value of each of the vampires offered by Sneaky Vampire Syndicate. 

How to get Vampire token?

One of the best ways to gather the vampire token is by dealing with the SVS website and buying the vampire collection art. However, when the tokens are released, we will be able to know about the exchange website linked with Svs NFT so that you can buy them easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: who is the founder of SVS crypto?

A: The founder of SVS crypto is Mig, who is the lead artist. You can check here the other members of the NFT.

Question2: How many unique vampires are available on the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate?

A: As per the official website, around 8,888 unique vampires are available with unique characteristics and expressions. 

Wrapping it up

After gathering all the information, we can conclude that with the release of Svs NFT, there is a chance that the status of the crypto market gets change. This is because people have started to invest in this token through pre-sale and looking for better returns. 

If you are one of the investors, comment your views below and read here about the best cryptocurrency trading apps

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