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Suzanne Somers First Husband: Is She Dead Or Alive? Details On Her Breast Cancer, Recent Pictures

Who is the Suzanne Somers First Husband? Is she Dead or Alive? Did she Die from Breast Cancer? Where are her Recent Pictures?

Who was Suzanne Somers First Husband? Who is Suzanne Somers? What happened to her? What happened to Suzanne? Did she have breast cancer? When did she die, or is she alive? People from Canada and the United States are saddened to know about Suzanne’s death. Everyone wants to know about her. 

Suzanne Somers First Husband

Suzanne’s first husband was Bruce Somers. The couple got married in 1965 and got divorced in 1968. In November 1965, the couple gave birth to their son, Bruce Junior. Unfortunately, they got divorced in just three years of their marriage. 

Is Suzanne Somers Dead? Yes, on 15th October, Suzanne died of breast cancer. She has had breast cancer since 2001. She was diagnosed with the 2nd stage of the tumor. But, after radiation and therapy, Suzzane recovered from the breast cancer. 

Did Suzanne Somers Die?

Yes, Suzanne Marie Somers died on 15th October 2023 Sunday. She was at her residence along with her family. Her breast cancer reappeared in July 2023, and she could not recover. 

After the news of her death went viral, everyone searched: Is Suzanne Somers Alive? But the answer is no. She died peacefully. Her husband, Alan Hamel, and her family must be very heartbroken. This is a hard time for Suzanne’s family. Losing a family member is never easy. People on social media are paying tribute to her.

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Suzanne Somers Breast Cancer & More

Suzanne was an excellent singer, author, model, and actress. She appeared in many TV programs. She was also a health spokesperson. Suzanne was also a successful businesswoman. She married Alan Hamel in 1977. They both met at the set of a show. 

Suzanne Somers Recent Pictures are trending on social media. People are remembering her and her legacy. Her few noticeable work was Step by Step and Three’s Company. She also had a show named ‘The Suzanne Show’ in 2012. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she even wrote a book about it.

Suzanne Somers Recent Pictures & Social Media 

Netizens are now searching for her social media accounts. They want to know details about the last days of her life. Here are Suzanne’s social media accounts. 

She has more than 250 thousand followers on her Instagram profile. She has uploaded more than 2,000 posts. ‘Is Suzanne Somers Dead?’ keyword is trending on social media. 

Suzanne’s Twitter account has more than 50 thousand followers. She joined the platform in March 2011. 

Suzanne has more than 700 thousand followers on her Facebook account, and her page is displayed as a health and wellness page.

Did Suzanne Somers die from breast cancer? She died recently from breast cancer; it re-occurred in July 2023. Suzanne was born on 16th October 1946, and she died at the age of 76 years.  


The article has discussed the tragic death of Suzanne Somers. Netzines are searching. Is Suzanne Somers Alive? No, she died on 15th October 2023, just a day before her 77th birthday. Suzanne lived her life to the fullest. In 1965, she married Bruce Somers, and they got a divorce in 1968. For more details about Suzanne Somers, click here and know more.

When did Suzanne Somers Breast Cancer appear? Please comment below your tribute.

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