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Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon Studio, Prime Video, Apple TV, Roku, Just Watch; and you name platform, you can find streaming of The Girl Who Killed Her Parents – The Confession movie based on a crime in Brazil! Let’s check details of Suzane von Richthofen Telegram Tem Fotos.

About Suzane von Richthofen Telegram:

The The Confession part was released on 27th/October/2023 by Amazon Studios as distributing company. After watching movie, audience appreciated performance of Carla Diaz, who played role of Suzane von Richthofen. 

On Telegram, fotos of her performance in latest movie were circulated in more than three groups with a vast subscriber base. However, on Telegram, original fotos of Suzane were not present. It signifies that audience is interested in blogging about latest movie and performance of Carla.

The Girl Who Killed Her Parents – The Confession is third spin-off movie series of:

  • The Girl Who Killed Her Parents and 
  • The Boy Who Killed My Parents movies

About Suzane von Richthofen Tem Instagram:

There were more than 95 Instagram posts discussing about Suzane’s case, her fotos of family members and boyfriend.

The YouTube videos about movie character Suzane were posted on @betoribeirocrime Telegram group, which had 2.08K Subscribers. Moderator of @betoribeirocrime Telegram group has a YouTube channel with same ID – 

Moderator also creates and shares his YouTube reviews of real-crime incidents to gain more viewership and subscriptions. There were five YouTube links shared by @betoribeirocrime related to Suzane’s case.

The Telegram group – @omelete, having 23.8K subscribers, shared a foto of Suzane’s arrest and announced release date of movie. 

Suzane von Richthofen Fotos:

On @Espiadinha Telegram group, having 140K subscribers, shared a short clip from latest spin-off. Video showed performance of Carla while she was in prison. Telegram posts included a gloomy foto of Suzane’s character, which gives an impression of a psychopath killer, with dark under-eye circles of a depressed but bold woman.

The Confession movie is 01:38:00 hours long. It gained a 6.2/10-star rating from 505 customer reviews on IMDb. One critic review on RottenTomatoes suggested that film is extensively dramatized and resembles drama in Hurt Locker.

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Suzane von Richthofen Fotos from The Confession spin-off:

Movie was written by Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy, directed by Mauricio Eça, and produced by Marcelo Braga and Gabriel Gurman. Film is presented in Portuguese language, native to Brazil, and categorized under drama and crime genre.

Plot of movie is based on a real-crime incident. Suzane comes from a wealthy family but wants all money from her parents. Suzane Louise von Richthofen born on 3rd/November/1983. Suzane planned murder of her parents with help of her boyfriend, Daniel Cravinhos de Paula e Silva and his brother, Christian Cravinhos! At young age of 19-years, Suzane, on 31st/October/2002, with help of Daniel and Christian, killed her parents and staged a burglary. 

Suzane von Richthofen Tem Instagram crime sence:

Daniel and Christian bet victims with iron rods till death and scattered house to give impression of theft. All three left home and returned following day, giving impression that they were away from home when murders took place. 

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Suzane had birthday pool party just three days after, and Christian bought motorcycle within a few days of murder, which made police suspicious. Suzane and Daniel were arrested on 9th/November/2002. Suzane confessed to murders. Later, her trial was continued under house arrest. No one could restrict Suzane from accessing her parent’s money, bank accounts, and property!

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