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Sus Cat Roblox: Explore Complete Information On Game Along With Its New Character

The article on Sus Cat Roblox has provided details about the character of Roblox.

Do you play games on Roblox? Do you know about Sus Cat? Is Sus Cat a character in Roblox? If you want to know about Sus Cat Roblox, read this article because we have provided all the details here. People from the United States and neighboring countries want to know about the sus cat and why it is currently so famous on the internet.

What is Sus Cat? 

Sus cat is a character in Roblox that can be bought easily. The cat has been developed by @yuanpogi5409, and the price of the cat is 10 coins. It was last updated on October 8, 2022, but unfortunately, this character has no description or additional details. The type of the sus cat is mentioned as ‘pass.’

The Sus Cat character can also be used in the Sus Cat Game created by the same creator. The game is known as ‘Yuanpogi5409’s Palace’ and is available on Roblox. This game was created back in 2019, but the game has only five visits till now. Not much information is provided on Roblox. 

Disclaimer: Although the keyword has ‘cat’ in it, there is nothing much to talk about the cat as it is just a character. But there is an ‘Untitled Sus Game,’ and we will discuss it. 

Sus Game on Roblox

A game called ‘Entitled Sus Game’ went viral on social media a few months ago. Since this game has gone viral, many people have visited and played the game. As per the reports, the game had inappropriate and mature content, which is why they first banned the game. Sus Cat Memes are also trending on social media. The meme picture has a cat face on it, and they created various scenarios and titled the picture funnily. 

Now, Roblox has released the game, but they have deleted the inappropriate parts of the game. But after doing so, the real essence of the game has been lost, and people are visiting it just because it is a trend. People who saw the game said it was not as fun as they thought. The game has more than 323 thousand visitors and has been created by ‘Kat &’ Friends.’

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Sus Cat Roblox & More

There is one more website where the Sus cat character is for sale. It is on Rolimon’s, a community created for Roblox game updates, trading, and more. The creator is ‘ScriptedMatt,’ and it was made on December 31, 2022. Its price is 50 coins, and over 8516 people have marked it as a favorite. The creator is skilled and has created a lot of characters on Roblox. Although, this is not a limited item for sale. 

Sus Cat Social Media Link

Unfortunately, no social media accounts or links are related to the Sus Cat Roblox. But what we know is that this character has been on trend lately. We will keep you updated if anything comes up. 


The article on Sus Cat, a character on Roblox, has tried to describe the information on the cat and its usage in a game. But only a little information about the sus cat and the game was provided. If you want to know more about this character and how to buy it, we suggest our readers visit Roblox’s official website. For more details on sus cat, click here.

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