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Surge Token Price {Aug 2021} Market Cap, How To Use?

Surge Token Price {Aug 2021} Market Cap, How To Use? >> This article shares information about a newly launched cryptocurrency and its current market characteristics.

Being an investor, do you often keep an eye on the latest and upcoming cryptocurrency? Or maybe you are a regular trader who is always keen on the ups and downs of the market? Then this article is for you, where we have presented some highlights about Surge Token Price a new crypto coin doing rounds in the market. 

Surge Token is a new cryptocurrency launched recently, making many traders worried about its properties and unpredictable market behavior. Here, we will talk about the Surge Token, ownership, holders, and current market value for traders in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

What is Surge Token?

Surge is a cryptocurrency token created by SafeMoonMark, which in business since March 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. 

Surge token has been called “the meme coin” after gaining popularity from market frenzy predictions. Further ahead you will get more information on Surge Token Price.

Safemoon Mark is a recognized trading company that has a circulating supply of 579,801,635,012,524 (as of 25 July 2021), while the market cap as of June 2021 is $4,180,000,000

Who Owns Surge Coin?

Surge Token is owned by SafeMoon, a cryptocurrency that was recently introduced on the Binance Smart Blockchain. Surge Token recently touched its highest points after; SafeMoon has positively gained 100 million holders of the cryptocurrency very soon. Let us find its vale as Market Cap ahead.

Surge Token Price and Market Cap

SurgeCoin was priced highest in April 2021 at $0.00001375, when the cryptocurrency crash came up, and its value fell to $0.000002868 in May 2021. They are currently running tests for the SafeMoon wallet for easy transactions for its customers. SafeMoon Wallet was initiated on 15 June 2021. 

The beta version will be available for customers in Aug 2021. Surge Token is owned by SafeMoon, which has around a hundred million token holders. On 01 Aug 2021, their market cap was $1,423,809,094.22, while the official website claimed the total volume to be $15,454,248.74 for a $0.000002449 Surge Token Price.

How to buy Surge Coin?

You can buy them from BSC or Pancakeswap, currently. Necessary steps you need to know before investing in SurgeCoin are-

  • Download the Trustwallet app, 
  • You can buy some BNB or BSC funds initially to start trading.
  • You can also visit Pancakeswap and make a purchaseof SurgeCoin Token from your wallet, where you will find an option in the right corner (top).
  • They charge a 10% fee on transactions, out of which 5% is redistributed to token holders, while 5% is redirected to the wallets in the form of a different currency. 

Their currency is named Binance Token, which the author of the coin controls.

Frequently asked questions on Surge Token Price

Q1. What is their current market cap?

As of June 2021, Surge token is reflected by the market cap value of SafeMoon, which was valued to be $4,180,000,000. 

Q2. Is there any official SurgeCoin website?

Their official website is.


There isn’t much information about this new cryptocurrency on the web, so you shouldn’t be much excited about investing in such new currencies as their price is highly unpredictable.  Instead, we would suggest you wait for some time and see how the project goes, as it may be quite a risky decision to invest in a cryptocurrency that is not very stable or reliable at the current time. 

Hope the information on is Surge Token Price useful. Please comment.

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