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Surge Token BSC (Nov) How to Buy? Contract Address

Surge Token BSC (Nov) How to Buy? Contract Address >> Are you searching for the coin that brings exciting rewards with fair distribution? Then, read the content for the details.

Do you also look for new currencies after gaining profits from the old ones? Is it right to do so? To answer your question, we are introducing you to a Surge token that comes intending to change the mindset of the people and the way they react when the prices of the cryptocurrency go higher.

The unique project idea of the token has grabbed the attention of the people in the United States. It is why they are searching for its brief introduction on the web.

Let’s explore Surge Token BSC and clear all your doubts.

What is a Surge coin?

It is a hyper-deflationary coin that protects the holders from redistribution. The buy-back system plays a major role in it as it ensures that Surge coin goes in the right direction to get ultimate benefits in the future. 

You might raise the question regarding the working of the coin. Well, let’s clear it out. The buy-back system collects the tokens from the buy and sell. When few coins get collected, it sells them to BNB stored within the contract. The time comes when the amount of Surge Token BSC matches with the BNB massive buyback occurs, resulting in a rapid price increase.

Founders of the Surge Coin

The official website does not share any details of the team members and CEO. Thus, investors need to wait for some time to get the information of the founder of the coin.

In addition, the surge coin works with the top three crypto exchanging platforms named Pancakeswap, Binance Smart Chain, and CoinGecko.

Are you curious to get well-known with the price chart? Then, let’s have a look at the next section.

Surge Token BSC – Price Chart

  • Price to USD – $0
  • Price to BTC – 0 BTC
  • Rank – 5624
  • All time high – $1032.44
  • Total supply – 9.97 million SURGE
  • Circulating supply – 9.97 million SURGE
  • Holders – 8168 addresses
  • Contract address – 0xE1E1Aa58983F6b8eE8E4eCD206ceA6578F036c21
  • Transfers – 17243
  • Market Cap – $67747

Breakdown of a transaction fee of surge coin

The token is fairly disturbed to the investors with the 100% supply. Surge coin is utilized in paying buy-back tax, marketing tax, and rewards to the holders. However, the percentage of fees of Surge Token BSC varies. The normal rates, the buying, and selling of the coin, all three are different. 

To uplift the project idea of the coin, Surge is going to introduce its app like PooCoin, where the investors can simply do trading.

How to buy surge coin?

At present, you can use either Pancakeswap or BSC to purchase this coin. But you must be aware of the necessary steps to access the token. These are listed below – 

  • The first requirement to purchase a surge coin is Trustwallet. Go to the official website and download the application.
  • Fill your wallet with some funds. You can either buy BNB or BSC. Both these tokens are used in Binance Smart Chain. 
  • Visit Pancakeswap to purchase Surge Token BSC. At the top right corner, you will see an option to connect your wallet. Click on it.
  • The drop-down menu present at the left will provide you the chance to perform exchanges.
  • Select your slippage percentage, amount and fill in the contract address.
  • Swap to add currency to the wallet.

If you are curious to know the transaction history and the profile summary of Surge Token, visit the link.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the official website of surge coin?


  • Is the coin has its presence on social media apps?

Yes, it has its page on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit.


We shared Surge Token BSC price and the process to buy the token with you. So if you are looking forward to purchase the coin, don’t forget to research all the details once again. 

What are your opinions about surge coin? Comment and share with us.

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  1. surge token is a great project, however surge coin and the website you refer to is a different project.

    The screen shot up the top is the correct surge token website. surge can only be purchased by sending BNB smart chain to the contract.

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