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Surge Token Address (August) Prediction & How To Buy?

Surge Token Address (August) Prediction & How To Buy? >> Continue exploring emerging cryptocurrencies and find out the best and profitable one for you.

Surge token is created to provide profitability to the users. They may gain from issuing rewards coins or tokens to transmitting redemption. This system is designed specifically on ERC 20 token to Ethereum. Many traders in the United States and many other parts of the globe need more information about the Surge token.

If you are trying to invest in a Surge token, you must know its details, profitability, and Surge Token Address, which is provided in the article below.

What is the Surge token?

An ERC 20, the Surge token, is a complaint blockchain asset. It can have the value that traders may store in a wallet. Besides, you can use the Surge token to receive and send, or you may use it for transactions.

Surge token is similar to other crypto tokens or coins, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, or any other virtual assets.

Traders may earn surge tokens by buying Surge services and products or through incentivized tasks, including payments through SurgePhone special combo offers or debit cards of SurgePays.

Surge Token Address and Price Chart:

  • Price- $ 0000000001 BTC
  • Market cap- $ 429.200 K
  • 24 Hours Low- $ 0.000001
  • 24 Hours High- $ 0.000001
  • Volume- $ 35.239 K
  • Volume/ Market Cap- 8.21%
  • All-time high- $ 0.000001
  • Market Rank- #1676
  • Total Supply- 1.000 T
  • Total Cap- 64.98%
  • Circulating Supply- 455.488 B
  • Insurance Blockchain- Waves

Who founded Surge token?

Surge token, an ERC 20 token, is the technology developed for profitability, as stated by John Mott, the chief technology officer.

The CEO of Surge token or Surge Holdings Inc is Bran Cox. According to him, the primary motive or principle aim underlying the discovery of Surge Token Address is to boost revenue by providing services and products.

Its services and products are for those traders who could not otherwise have access to its services.

Surge Token Price Prediction and Statics:

Surge token has about 2117 holders’ addressed, and the transfers are around 8245. It is ranked 1677 and has reached a high of approximately $ 0.000001 and sets at $ 0.000001. 

The price of Surge token is up by 45.19% in the last 24 hours while writing this article. Hence, you must check the facts and know if Surge Token Address will be a profitable investment in the next few years or not.

Is the Surge token a good investment?

The primary difference between standalone coins, such as Litecoin and Bitcoin and Surge tokens, is that the Surge cryptocurrency would make a piggybank over the Ethereum network.

It is sent utilizing Ethereum transactions and hosted by Ethereum addresses through a smart contract.

Besides, by utilizing this utility cryptocurrency, the company would enable about fifty-one per cent of the subprime market to engage in virtual assets in the years to come.

How to buy the Surge token?

The instructions below will assist you in buying Surge Token Address quickly.

  • It would be best if you bought the token from Surge Inc.
  • Buy your Surge token by following the “surge token” command in your terminal.
  • Initiate trading Surge token.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the contract address of the Surge token?

  1. The contract address of Surge token is 0xa6d1d32679c202ff0d4eb20de0ed6e8426b7ff16.

Q- What is the total supply of Surge tokens?

  • The total supply of Surge tokens is about 1 000 000 000 000 000. Also, you can read here to know more information about Surge token 


Surge token is developed to enhance complete corporate valuation and Surge ecosystem that adequately fits its strategic plan for its client’s satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, checking out the Surge Token Address, its price prediction and other valuable information about the Surge token would be a wise decision. In addition, traders may also check out new cryptocurrencies and discover the facts about the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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