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Supra Oracle Token: Curious To Know Price & Contract Address? Fetch All Details Here!

Supra Oracle Token write-up has discussed airdrop, price, supply and market cap of this Oracle service coin.

Are you a cryptocurrency investor searching for a token that remains relevant in future? Crypto and blockchain technology are opening new gateways for industries like power, banking and gaming. Blockchain’s ability to store massive amounts of data and process it in real time opens a new avenue for many sectors.

Supra is a blockchain platform that makes products for developers and entrepreneurs to connect smart contracts with the outside world. Supra Oracle Token is grabbing the attention of crypto investors in countries like Indonesia. 

Disclaimer: The crypto post is based on internet research and is for the informative purpose of the audience.

What is Supra Cryptocurrency?

Supra is a technology company that develops tools for enabling communication between blockchain contracts and the outside world. As blockchain contract finds, its usage in different industries products like Oracle allows it to interact with real word events. 

Oracle allows blockchain technology to go beyond its limitations and interact with the industry’s needs. Some of the solutions provided by Supra are listed below.

  • Enhanced Decentralization
  • Better Interoperability
  • High Speed
  • High Scalability
  • Better Finality

Supra Token Price, Market Cap, Supply and other details:

Some cryptocurrency reporting websites have marked this coin inactive on their platform. We could not get this coin’s live price on the internet. Some of the details related to this token are listed below.

  • Price – The last live price of this coin was updated on 21st June 2022 and was $13.33
  • Supply – The maximum supply of this currency is 10,000.
  • Market cap – The market cap of this currency is not known.
  • Rank – 4237
  • All-time high price – $18.11
  • Mineable – No
  • Toke type – ERC 20

Supra Oracle Token Team:

The details of Supra coin team members are mentioned on the company website. We have mentioned some of its key members’ names and their designations.

  • Joshua D. Tobkin – Chief Executive Officer
  • Larron Armstead – Chief Technology Officer
  • Raghavendra Ramesh – Vice President (Research)
  • Arun Doraiswamy – Vice President (Blockchain)
  • Philip Kwon – Director FX and Trade

How to Get Supra Token?

Supra has raised around $ 20 million in different funding rounds with various partners. It has about 150 000 followers on the Twitter platform. The Supra Oracle Token has launched a campaign known as Blast Off to distribute its token. People can pass a small test and get up to 1500 supra tokens. 

  • Visit the official website of the Supra coin.
  • People need to pass the KYC to move ahead in the campaign.
  • Click on the blast-off tab and perform the task assigned.
  • Similarly, people can complete more tasks to get an extra token.

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Final verdict:

It appears that Supra coin is not active now, and the company has partnered with various clients to increase its revenue. Also, click here to know the Best 2023 Cryptocurrency Details!

Do you want to participate in the airdrop campaign of Supra coin? Please comment.

Supra Oracle Token: FAQs

Q.1  What is Oracle in the Cryptocurrency industry?

Oracle is a tool that interfaces between blockchain contracts and the outer world.

Q.2  Supra coin was active on which blockchain platform?

Supra coin was active on the BNB smart chain platform.

Q.3  Supra Oracle is the flagship product of which company?

Supra Oracle is the flagship project of Entropy Foundation.

Q.4  What is the SNAP initiative of Supra Oracle?

The Supra Network activation program is an initiative for Oracle clients to receive free Oracle and VRF services by signing up with Supra.

Q.5   What is the contract address of Supra Oracle Token?

The contact address of the supra coin is 0xf214E1E65bce19f1829Aa65fDe5fb070CcBD91dE

Q.6  What is the last trading price of Supra Token?

The last trading price of the supra coin is $ 18.11.

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