Supersonic Crypto {Jun} Here's The Complete Details!

Supersonic Crypto {Jun} Here’s The Complete Details!

Supersonic Crypto {Jun} Here’s The Complete Details!>> Read every single detail featuring the Supersonic finance (SSN) Coin.

Across the United States and various other nations, the trend for investment in crypto-currency is increasing, and individuals are looking out for the details about the concerned crypto-currency.

Well, have you ever heard of Supersonic Crypto? Might be! But if you don’t know regarding this Coin, do read out this blog which will precisely share all the relevant information about the Supersonic digital coin.

So, are you excited to collect details of it? If yes, scroll down and read the entire information carefully till the end to be clear about this Supersonic Coin!

What Is Supersonic Cryptocurrency?

Supersonic finance is a multi-chain DEX and a launchpad designed for developers, which is self-serviced. This finance’s vision and the main aim is to convert Crypto assets in a blockchain of the users in a decentralized manner.

In Addition, Supersonic Crypto developers can easily raise funds using add liquidity and super sale for the investor using SuperDex. Supersonic finance is powered by a fuel named SSN, which operates in Binance Smart Chain.

Supersonic finance is a decentralized exchange multi-chain built in the platform of Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polkadot to power the coming generation exchange on-chain.

About Supersonic Coin Founders:

Do you want to know about the Founders of Supersonic Coin? Here are the details!

The Supersonic finance CEO and co-founder is Jin, a software engineer in product design and web software development with years of working experience. 

Harsha being CTO and also a co-founder of Supersonic Crypto, is a generalist engineer. He has experience around supply chain, aerospace domain and global sales play. He has also worked as a researcher.

Supersonic Coin Price Chart:

The current live price of Supersonic Coin today is 2.46e-9 USD along with twenty-four hours trading volume as USD 826,535. The Supersonic Coin in the last twenty-four hours is low by 99.95%. The recent market cap of the Coin is ranked as #2799, and the live market cap is unavailable. 

Supersonic Coin is a native utility Coin used for the governance of products, processing requests for fees, payment, and launch on super sale.

Details About Supersonic Crypto Predictions/ Statistics:

As of 12th June 2021, Supersonic Coin, Saturday’s price is USD 0.00000000. The price forecast system has predicted, observing the recent price changes of Supersonic Coin, that the coin would be roughly dollar 0.000000 as of tomorrow’s closing price. 

It’s predicted that the coin will have the same price till the end of 2021, and it could be the same one year later.

Info About Supersonic Coin Supply:

The current supply of Supersonic Coin is unavailable, and the maximum total supply is 995,800,000,000,000 Supersonic Coin.

Let’s read how and where Can one purchase Supersonic Coin!

Where To Buy Supersonic Coin?

One can sell and purchase Supersonic Crypto (SSN) using fiat currency such as (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD) or Bitcoin or Ethereum. Moreover, you can trade it on pancake swap or hobbit.

Once you buy SSN, you can store it on exchanges using the concerned wallet for safety, long-term storage and security. There is another best app available to buy cryptocurrency 2021.

For more details regarding where to buy SupersonicCoin, click


1.) Who is the founder of Supersonic Coin?

Ans) Jin and Harsha is the founder of Supersonic finance 

2.) What’s The Maximum Supply of Supersonic finance?

Ans) 995,800,000,000,000 SSN


Well, the above-stated information about Supersonic Crypto is briefly presented. We hope readers will find all the information stated an informative one. We had tried to present every single fact about the Supersonic Coin, its prediction, current price, about the Founders and many more.

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