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Supercell Clashchess com: Know Details Of Clash Royale Chess Puzzle!

Learn more about the Supercell Clashchess com and get complete details on the clash chess royale event here in this article.

Are you curious to know about the website? Where to find the new Clash Royale Chess game?

We are here to solve all your queries through this article. People, especially from Italy and Germany, are quite eager to know the details of this news. So hurry up, and without any further delay, read the article on Supercell Clashchess com.

Disclaimer: The article provides information only on the website. We haven’t promoted any indecent content or links through the write-up. Also, the readers can find the relevant social media links attached at the end.

What is the website? is a gaming website based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco, Shangai, and Seoul. The gaming website was launched in 2010, bringing five major games for gamers. Its major games are Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Hay Day, and Brawl Stars.

Clashchess Clash Royale is a new collaboration between Supercell and The developers of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans created this event.

Chess Royale shared a Twitter post and stated that the event is live now.

New Clash Chess Royale Puzzle Event!

The new event between and Clash commenced on 7 September 2023 onwards. In the game, skills of both chess and clash are required to win the event. The Chess Clash brings you another exciting event that is already live. Here, players can win gold bars, all for free within the game. The event will be live on Supercell Clashchess com and from 14 September until 28 September 2023. shared a Twitter post on launching the new fusion of Chess and Clash on 7 September.

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How to win free gold bars?

Clash Royale has a new opportunity for its players to win millions of gold. Players must participate in the mini-chess game to win the exciting prize. Sources claim that whoever participated in this event won the prize and rewards. The players must complete the chess game to win the amazing prizes.

Steps to get gold prize in Clash Royale Chess Puzzle!

Know the correct steps to get the gold bars:

First Step-

Start the event and then search for the globe icon in the right corner.

Second Step-

Then click on news royale option.

Third Step-

Search for the solve chess for the free prize option and tap on it, leading to another site.

Fourth Step-

Complete the chess puzzle to earn the rewards.

This is how you can receive free gold bars in the live event of Clash Royale.

Is Supercell Clashchess com Safe?

According to sources, is a completely safe website where gamers can play and enjoy their desired games. The site is legit and is quite popular amongst gamers. The gaming site also receives a good global rank and has a positive social media response.

Recently, a Reddit user questioned on the legitimacy of the Clash Chess Royale Puzzle game.

Fusion of Supercell &

Although the Supercell site majorly deals with five global games, Clash Royale is the most played one. The trending fusion between Supercell Clashchess com and has brought a realm of excitement to gamers. This time, the developers introduced the merge of chess and puzzle under one roof, featuring the Clash of Clan Troops. The event is already live. Interested players can easily take part and earn exciting rewards from the event.

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We have shared all the exciting details about the Supercell Clashchess com website and its new fusion with One can watch the video on Clash Chess Royale to learn more about the thrilling event.

Have you participated in the Clash Chess Royale Event yet? Comment down below to share.

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