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Sunrise Gas Station Reviews: Check Full Customer Feedback Detail Here

Calgary Sunrise Gas Station Reviews shines with glowing reviews praising its affordable fuel, top-notch service, and welcoming atmosphere. But are they true?

The Calgary Sunrise Gas Station Reviews paints a clear picture of various issues experienced by patrons in Northeast Calgary, Canada. It created an unpleasant atmosphere for customers and reflected poorly on the professionalism of the establishment. The frustrated customers also created a Facebook page: Close Sunrise Gas Station!

Sunrise Gas Station Reviews:

Sunrise Gas Station is located at 3404 26 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, Alberta-T1Y6L4, Canada.

Platform Number of reviews Ratings
Google reviews 414 2.0/5-stars
Yelp 19 1/5-stars
GasBuddy 1044 3.6/5-stars
Gas Station Employee reviews 4 2.6/5-stars
Convenient store employee reviews 16 3.3/5-stars

Ratings based on customer’s sentiments:

The following breakdown gives an overview of the sentiment distribution among the reviews provided for Sunrise Gas Station.

Sentiment Percentage (approximate ±5)
Positive 36%
Neutral 17%
Negative 47%

A Deep Dive into Sunrise Gas Station’s Customers Concerns—

1. Customer Service Concerns:

Many customers are upset about rude behavior from staff, with instances of verbal assault and aggression. It created a bad atmosphere and made the establishment seem unprofessional.

2. Payment Method Challenges at Sunrise Gas Station Calgary:

Payment Method Challenges at Sunrise Gas Station Calgary

Many customers voice frustrations over limited payment options, particularly the inability to use credit cards. This inconvenience complicates gas purchases, and some staff members are unhelpful when asked about payment methods, exacerbating the situation.

3. Facility Cleanliness and Maintenance:

Multiple reviewers note the gas station’s cleanliness issues, including unpleasant odors and a lack of upkeep. It detracts from the gas station’s appeal and deterred potential customers.

4. Unethical Business Practices:

Some people say the gas station does things like not giving refunds for gas that wasn’t used or charging extra fees without explaining why. It made customers not trust the gas station and made them unhappy.

5. Safety and Comfort at Sunrise Gas Station Calgary:

Some customers feel unsafe because of how staff behave, like harassing or scaring them. It made the gas station look bad and worried people. Some people say they were poorly treated because of their race, which isn’t fair and makes the gas station seem unwelcoming.

6. Allegations of Discrimination:

Some people say they were poorly treated because of their race, which isn’t fair and makes the gas station seem unwelcoming. It hurts the gas station’s reputation and keeps poor ideas about the business going in the community.

The Peek of Rage about Sunrise Gas Station Reviews:

The Peek of Rage about Sunrise Gas Station Reviews

People started a signing campaign to shut down Sunrise Gas Station. The campaign received 114 signatures out of targeted 200. The campaign that started on 14th/April/2018 is supposed to be sent to Prime Minister of Canada!

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A Look At Positive Feedbacks—Every Coin has Two Sides!

  • Friendly Service: Customers appreciate the amiable staff and good service provided. They feel welcomed and valued during their visits.
  • Competitive Pricing: Many customers highlight the affordable gas prices offered by the station, helping them save money on fuel expenses.
Fuel Prices (as of writing)
Regular Midgrade Premium Diesel
CA$1.20 CA$1.34 CA$1.41 CA$1.45
  • Additional Services: Some customers are happy that the gas station offers more services like U-Haul rentals and filling up propane tanks. It made things easier for customers, and they appreciated it.

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Negative Sunrise Gas Station Reviews highlights a range of issues, including poor customer service, limited payment options, cleanliness concerns, unethical business practices, and allegations of discrimination. It indicates that Sunrise Gas Station attracts customers by quoting low prices but overcharging their cards. Customer ends up buying additional stuff from Sunrise Gas Station Continent Store or having a car wash instead of losing their change! 

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