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Sunny Aggregator Coin (Sep 2021) Price & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new aggregator token called Sunny Aggregator Coin and its market analysis.

The first-ever composable decentralized finance yield aggregator has been launched on Solana, and it is getting quite popular in Turkey. It is referred to as Sunny Aggregator, and it is available for trading with the ticker symbol SUNNY. 

Solana powers it, and the protocol is launched with unique composability as the core function, allowing other protocols and apps to develop on top of it quickly and efficiently. When any holder deposits funds to the Sunny LP Pool, they get Sunny Aggregator Coin, and it represents a pro-rata share of the LP, and it tends to grow over time.      

What is SUNNY Token?

SUNNY is the ticker symbol of the decentralized protocol token, which is governed and managed by Sunny DAO. Sunny is the compostable DeFi yield aggregator backed by the Solana. It is designed with unique compostable abilities that work as a core feature to allow other protocols and apps to develop on it swiftly. 

Sunny Aggregator Coin is the governance token of the protocol used for making decisions about its future. It has a simple concept where investors earn a pro-rata share of the LP pool for each deposit they drive into the pool, and it grows over time. The community decides what to do with the money in the pool using democratized methods.      

Who are the Founders of SUNNY?

We have evaluated the official website and exchanges and found no details about the co-founders, founders, and CEO of SUNNY Token. We only found that it is the governance token on SUNNY Aggregator protocol used to make future protocol decisions. 

The aggregator is governed and owned by the Sunny DAO community, and the community is responsible for deciding the future of the Sunny DAO money using the democratized methods. 

Sunny Aggregator Coin Market Statistics and Analysis 

  • We have evaluated the coin and found some vital market statistics of the coin. As the exchange’s data, the live price of the coin is $0.117180 in the last 24 hours. The price has registered a downfall of 25.29% in the last 24 hours. 
  • The last known trading volume of the coin in 24 hours is $19 177 253. It is the real-time data recorded in the last 24 hours. The trading volume has been down by 24.05% in the last 24 hours. 
  • There is no data available on the live market cap of Sunny Aggregator Coin. However, the fully diluted market cap of the coin is $2 330 094 116.31, and the market ranking is #2686.      
  • The total circulating supply data is not available, while the maximum circulating supply of the coin is 19 884 700 000 SUNNY coins.  

How to Buy SUNNY Coin?

  • Sign-up with a trusted digital wallet
  • Transfer supporting funds to the wallet and link it to any reputed exchange  
  • Transfer the funds and search for the coin using contract address (SUNNYWgPQmFxe9wTZzNK7iPnJ3vYDrkgnxJRJm1s3ag) 
  • Check the live market price of the coin
  • Enter the number of Sunny Aggregator Coin you want to buy
  • Set a slippage and click on the swap button
  • You are done with the process  


Q1. Which is the Official Link of SUNNY?

A1. The official link of the coin is https://app.sunny.ag/.

Q2. What is the Right Contract Address of SUNNY?

A2. Investors have to use SUNNYWgPQmFxe9wTZzNK7iPnJ3vYDrkgnxJRJm1s3ag (Solana) as the contract address of the coin.


SUNNY Coin is the first-ever compostable decentralized finance yield aggregator backed and powered by Solana. The coin has a bright future in the crypto market, attracting many investors from Turkey. If you are interested in investing in the Sunny Aggregator Coin, ensure to check the best apps to buy cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary scams online.    

Do you have anything to update about the coin? Then, please share it in the comment section. 

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