Sun Token Crypto (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy

Sun Token Crypto (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

Sun Token Crypto (June) Price, Prediction, How To Buy? >> This article gives information regarding SUN crypto in detail and how you can buy it without any problem.

Do you want to know about the cryptocurrency known as sun token? Are you tired of finding this crypto coin but couldn’t find the genuine information? Well, sit back and read this article carefully because we will tell you about the sun crypto coin in detail, which got major holders in Australia

Also, we will be going to talk about the performance of the Sun Token Crypto and the forecast of this cryptocurrency. So let’s find out. 

What is SUN Token?

Sun coin or token is generated on the Tron blockchain, one of the popular cryptocurrencies in countries like Australia, the UK and many more. SUN is like a voluntary project whose mining started in September 2020, which lasts for two weeks. 

As the SUN project is associated with the TRON blockchain, the founder of this crypto coin is the founder of the Tron cryptocoin, i.e., Justin Sun. on the official site of the Sun Token Crypto, you will see a quote which says ‘building a new world without data abuse.’ 

This little quote explains many things that this crypto currency’s mission is to provide transparency between the company and the owner/holder of the coin. According to them, the user is the owner, and you as a holder have the power to control your data and make your own choice. 

Price chart of SUN

  • Price- $0.03143967
  • Trading volume- $131, 716,760
  • 24h Low- $0.02925519
  • 24H High- $0.03369445
  • 7D low- $0.02571192
  • 7D High- $11.64
  • All Time high- $66.45
  • All time low- $0.02473825
  • Market Cap- $179,437.96

Price Prediction/ Statistics of Sun Token Crypto

After analyzing all the data by the experts and trusted sites, we find out that the price of the SUN coin will increase in the future, and it can be very beneficial for the holders as they can earn a good amount of profit if they hold this coin. 

While checking the prediction status, we got some information regarding the price increase in the SUN coin as the price of this cryptocoin will be $0.05380071 in 2022, and it will rise till 2028, where its price will be $0.14578765 in 2028. 

Is SUN coin good for investment?

If we check the facts and the present performance of the Sun Token Crypto, we can say that the performance of this crypto coin is good compared to other active currencies also, as the prediction and forecast say that the price of this coin will increase.

How to buy SUN coin?

If you have made up your mind about buying the SUN coin, these steps will help you buy them easily. 

  • Go to the exchange crypto sites like PancakeSwap or Binance. 
  • Login with your site and download the wallet.
  • Deposit funds to buy exchange tokens like BNB or BSC. 
  • On the exchange section, select Sun Token Crypto.
  • Select the quantity and click on the ‘Swap” option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question1: Who is the founder of Sun crypto?

A: the founder of Sun crypto is Justin Sun.

Question2: What will be the price of SUN coin in 2028?

A: the price of the SUN crypto coin in 2028 will be $0.14578765. You can think this link for more information


With the above information that we have gathered, we can conclude that investing in this cryptocurrency can be a good choice as the price and other factors of this crypto coin seem promising. Therefore, Sun Token Crypto is good to be hold for future profit and read here to know about the next big cryptocurrency, 2021, then click here

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