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Strict Dad Weird Roblox: Check Crucial Details About The Script, Wiki!

The article revolves around a trending Roblox game Strict Dad Weird Roblox along with Script and wiki details of it.

Are you the person who is more interested in playing Roblox games? Then, do you know about the game Strict Dad Weird Roblox, which is trending Worldwide?

Strict Dad is a recently emerging game that has attracted millions of people with its storyline and script. So here in this article, we will discuss the viral strict dad game in a detailed manner.

About Strict Dad Weird Roblox 

Strict Dad is a Roblox game that Blueloop Studios created. This game was developed by taking inspiration from the Residence Massacre and Jim’s Computer games. And here, the developer used his personal life as the storyline of this game. He has referenced his overprotective dad and created a game based on his behavior.

The players have to do the work said by the weird dad, and the players take on the role of the son of the weird dad. The game continues to be lovely, but when night arrives, Dad gets possessed by some dark spirits, so survival is a difficult task.

Details on Weird Strict Dad Script

The script of the Weird Strict Dad revolves around the tough dad who orders his son to do all the household chores, like cleaning the house and doing laundry. And in addition to that, the weird dad also orders his son to eat food and sleep on time.

Strict dad wants his son to sleep early, and he doesn’t want him to wake up as dark spirits will possess him, so he urges the son to sleep peacefully, but during the night, the son feels hungry, so he needs to step down to refill his energy. And here is the highlight feature of the Weird Strict Dad Script. The son feels hungry at night, so he wants to eat something. He has to reach the kitchen downstairs, but the strict dad is possessed during that time, so the son has to escape from the possessed dad and reach his room to sleep. If the dad catches him, the player dies. And the game resumes from the beginning. Thus, to level up, the players must save themselves from the deadly nighttime.

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Weird Strict Dad Roblox Wiki  

This section will show the wiki details of the trending, Weird Strict Dad game.

  • Genre of the game: dad horror, possessed dad, odd strict dad, and residence massacre
  • Created on: 9/16/2023
  • Updated on:10/15/2023
  • Developed by Blue Loop Studios
  • Owner and the Scripter: @lionel760x
  • Animator: @Keitaro
  • MapMaker: @RendyFX
  • Age limit: Children over 13 years old can play this game.
  • Platform: Playstation, Roblox, and Xbox
  • Violence level: Violent scenes occur occasionally.
  • Blood scenes: Only light blood is shown.
  • Crude humor: Moderate level

Gaming controls

In Weird Strict Dad Roblox Wiki, they have also shared about the gaming controls to play the game.

  • For sprinting, players have to press Button L2/Shift.
  • To interact, players have to press Button Square or Button X, E, or Hold
  • Players must press Button Square or Button X/F to switch on the flashlight.
  • Players must press the Button Triangle, Button Y, or C for crouching.


Thus, we have discussed the trending Roblox game in this article. According to my players, this Strict Dad Weird Roblox has been regarded as the scariest game, so it possesses many exciting levels, and players have to earn different badges to level up on this game. Escaping from your dad is difficult in this game, so gear up yourself!

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