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Strax Crypto {June 2022} Contract Address, Price & Chart

Strax Crypto has shared details of a crypto asset that has increased more than 100% in the last 24 hours.

Are you looking for a crypto coin that can give a good return in a short period? The crypto investors are having a hard time as most cryptocurrency has recently shed their values. Bitcoin has shed more than 50% in the last months, while Ethereum has lost 60%.

In the last 24 hours, Stratis has performed well, and investors in Netherland, Italy and France are searching for the price of Strax Crypto. To get details of this currency, read this article till the end.

What are the Stratis platform and Strax?

Stratis platform started in August 2016 and has undergone major changes in the last six years. The platform offers products and services to enterprises in the blockchain and crypto industry. 

  • Launch of private sidechains
  • Developing smart contracts
  • Initial coin offer services
  • Application for proof of identity
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Blockchain consultancy services

In 2020 it started a new blockchain and replaced the Strat token with the Strax coin. Since its fundamentals are strong, it has gained value recently.

Strax Coin Price Prediction:

The recent international crisis has increased inflationary pressure in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. This has led to a drop in the major market and the crypto industry; the American federal bank has also increased the interest rate. Investors are playing safe and taking their money from risky assets like cryptocurrency.

  • Forecast price for 2022 – $.70
  • Price in 2023 – $1.02
  • Forecast price for 2024 – $1.54
  • Forecast price for 2025 – $2.13
  • Price for 2026 – $3.22
  • Forecast for 2027 – $4.91
  • Forecast for 2028 – $7.27

According to Strax Coin Price Prediction, the coin may rise to $15.35 by the end of 2030 and investors are expected to make some gains by investing in this token.

Strax Coin Price, Market cap, supply and other data:

Stratis has overperformed all the predictions in these hard times and has gained more than 100 percent in the last twenty-four hours. The price of the coin was hovering around $.5073 but has crossed the $1 mark on strong fundamentals. Some of the data related to currencies are mentioned below for investors.

  • Current price – $.9884
  • Market rank – 153
  • Highest Strax Crypto price in last 24 hour – $1.17
  • Lowest price in last 24 hour – $0.4778
  • Market cap – $ 139,876,852.81
  • Trading volume (24 hour) – $ 775,282,371.96
  • Circulating supply – 138,345,687.41 Strax
  • Total supply – 137,387,367
  • Volume/market cap – 5.54
  • Market dominance – .02%

It fluctuated between $.34 and $.5 for many and finally crossed the $1 mark in the last 24 hours, gaining more than 100%; it has a maxim ATH OF $4.57. 

Who is the founder of the Stratis platform?

The platform is controlled by Stratis Group Limited, founded in 2016. Chris Trew is the owner of this group and has 10 years of experience in the IT industry.

How to buy Strax Crypto?

The currency trades on major crypt exchanges like Binance and Crpto.com. We have mentioned some steps to buy this coin.

  • Buy Binance or Bitcoin from fiat money.
  • Connect your wallet with the given exchange.
  • Swap the given amount of Strax for BNB.
  • Transfer Strax to the wallet.


  • What is the website address of Strax?
    1. https://www.stratisplatform.com
  • What is the contract address for this coin?
    1. 0x8F19B1F780b98c2699f825aE4F1FBe4D27cb641F
  • What services are offered by Stratis?
    1. Blockchain consultancy service, IOP and crypto wallets.


Stratis has given a lot of hope to the investor in this difficult time, and since Strax Crypto ATH is $4.52, people expect it to go further high. As most factors are against the risky assets, investors must look at all the parameters before buying Strax token at the top label.

Have you purchased any crypto assets in recent times? Please share your views on the rising price of the Stratis token.

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