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Strawberry Flame Twitter: What is Your Real Name? Check TikTok, Instagram & Reddit Trending Details Now!

The post details on Your Strawberry Flame Twitter account and the related posts that made her famous in the past few months.

Have you come across the latest internet sensation, Your Strawberry Flame? The recent videos and pictures have grabbed people’s attention from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on Twitter and other platforms, and they are looking for more detailed information about her. 

In this post, we will provide the complete details on Your Strawberry Flame Twitter and give the readers the full information.

Disclaimer-you do not intend to hurt the sentiments and dignity of people associated with the news, and the information is taken from online sources.

Latest updates on Your Strawberry Flame

The strawberry flame is a famous tik tok creator who is Viral for her stunning videos and how she portrays herself online. Her videos and pictures have gathered attention on all social media platforms, and she is known for her beauty and perfect figure. She has impressed the audience with her unique dressing sense and her entertaining content. 

What is Your Strawberry Flame Real Name?

People are eager to know her real name to learn about the viral woman. Her real name is Imogen Lucie, and in the past few months, she has gathered a considerable fan following and more than 860K followers on TikTok. She hails from England, United Kingdom.

Your Strawberry Flame TikTok Videos

Imogen Lucie’s videos are very entertaining, and she suits her videos in various locations, from gardens to her bedroom and other outdoor locations. In her latest video, we found her enjoying an ice bath. The video managed millions of views, and not only this, video all of her videos have gathered substantial public attention.

Some of her videos were leaked online, which were not suitable for people below the age of 18 years, and hence those were taken down from the official platforms.

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The reaction of people on Instagram

Imogen Lucie has substantial fan followings on her Instagram account, and they visit her social media page regularly to get an update on all her latest posts. She is also present on OnlyFans. Her pictures on the website are not available for free, and those interested will have to take a subscription to watch her content on the only fans’ website.

Are there any video links available on Reddit?

Recently, her videos were uploaded on Reddit and other platforms, which were unsuitable for people to watch. Still, now there are no such links available on the platform, and we have not found any Reddit links related to her. There are no videos and pictures on Reddit available.

Social media links



The viral internet sensation has become a hot topic of discussion due to her leaked content and way of representing herself in her videos and photos. Her video was leaked on social media, but now the link has been removed, and people can find her pictures on her Instagram page.

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Your Strawberry Flame Twitter-FAQs

Q1. Where was Imogen Lucie born?


Q2. What is her age?

She is 23 years old.

Q3. What are Imogen Lucie’s hobbies?

She likes watching movies and is a big fan of Marvel and Harry Potter.

Q4. Which sport does your strawberry flame love?

Rugby and F1.

Q5. Why is she famous?

She is famous for her unique content online.

Q6. How many followers does she have on Twitter?

She has more than 350K followers on Twitter.

Q7. Can the newest find her pictures on social media platforms?

Yes, her pictures are available on Instagram.

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