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Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today: Know Strasburg Railroad Twitter and Strasburg Railroad Museum. Get Updated News on The Collision!

The blog post shares the latest updates on the Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today between the excavator and historic steam engine.

Do you know a celebrated steam engine, No. 475, collided on Wednesday with a parked excavator on the railroad? The incident was recorded on Wednesday, 2nd Nov; fortunately, the authorities have reported no causalities. 

Soon after the incident, the news started trolling over the internet, and many people in the United States took over social media to express their grief for the incident. The information is trending online, and people are now searching for more updates and news on the incident. 

Authorities are busy investigating the incident to know the cause of the collision. Here is an update on Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today.


About the Strasburg Railroad Train Accident!

An incident took place on Wednesday, damaging the historic steam engine of the Strasburg Railroad. The SmokeBox of 4-8-0 Steam Engine 475 from the Strasburg Railroad collided with a parked excavator on the track. The excavator was parked wrongly on the track hoe, and the steam engine hit the excavator incurring damages to the engine parts. 

The incident was recorded on the, 2nd Nov Wednesday. But, the damaged running-light engine continued to go through the track. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported by the authorities. 

People in the United States want to know how the accident occurred.  

How to Accident Occurred – Updated News!

According to sources and the latest updates, it was the failure of the engine operator to operate the steam engine at limited speed, plus the switch was out of configuration, and it was left open when the crewmember attempted to tie down the track-hoe during an emergency, leading to a collision.

On 2nd Nov Wednesday, the front part of an excavator was stuck on the track. An old steam engine 475 was coming on the Strasburg Railroad and stuck with the front part of the excavator, causing damage to the engine. Per the Strasburg Railroad Twitter page, no causalities and injuries were reported in the incident as all crew was safe.   

What were the Results of the Strasburg Railroad Accident?

The historic locomotive engine hit an excavator on 2nd Nov Wednesday in Paradise, Pennsylvania, causing lots of damage to the locomotive. Soon after the incident, many people took to social media to discuss the incident, while some people even shared video records on social media. The sources and videos confirmed that the SmokeBox locomotive incurred punctures caused by the excavator’s bucket in the accident.    

After the retirement of the historic steam engine, it was decided to be displayed at the Strasburg Railroad Museum, PA. Unfortunately, the incident caused lots of damage to the historic steam engine. The sources confirmed that the headlamp, front, and door of the engine, auxiliary metal, parts, hydraulic hoses, piston, and track hoe buckets were damaged in the incident. Fortunately, the essential parts of the engine were not damaged, as they were functional after the incident. 

The regulatory bodies have set a restricted speed limit for engines so that the operator can see the obstruction ahead of time and stop the engine to prevent accidents. However, the steam engine was functional for many decades, and some essential parts needed to be fixed, preventing the crew from stopping the engine before the collision.  

New Updates!

Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today caused havoc amongst the daily passengers of the route. It has prevented the crew from observing the misplaced switch to halt the engine timely. Many passengers shared video recordings of the incident, showing that the crew was waving their hands to passengers on the opposite side when they attempted to go around the train excursion. 

Later the authorities sent another diesel engine to tow and take the steam engine to the repair center. While transporting the engine, the front part was covered with a blue cover to conceal the damages. 


A railroad accident occurred on Wednesday, 2nd Nov 2022, damaging engine 475. However, the accident caused no severe damage to the historical engine 475. Many people were concerned about the Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today news and looking for more updates.  

FRA authorities will visit the incident venue to inspect the engine and chat with the crew. So, you must wait until any new update on the incident is available.   

Do you have any updates to share about the accident? Please share it in the comment section. 

Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today: FAQ!

Q1. What are the Casualties in the Accident?

The authorities reported no causalities in the Strasburg Railroad Train Crash Today.        

Q2. When Was Strasburg Railroad Built?

In 1831, Philadelphia & Columbia Railroad opened, connecting Columbia and Philadelphia.

Q3. What Were the Damages of the Engine?

The hydraulic hoses, piston, track-hose bucket, front and door of the Smokebox, and auxiliary metal parts were damaged in the accident. The important parts were not damaged after the accident. 

Q4. When did the Accident Occur?

As per the reports, the accident occurred on the 2nd Nov Wednesday.

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