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Storm Chaser Gold Reef City Accident: Details On Anaconda, Johannesburg Theme Park, Entrance Fee

Storm Chaser Gold Reef City Accident due to Anaconda ride in Johannesburg Theme Park. What are Entrance Fees and Hotel facilities?

What is the Storm Chaser Gold Reef City Accident? Where is Johannesburg? What is Strom Chaser and Anaconda? What are the hotel facilities near Gold Reef City? People from the United Kingdom and the United States are searching for this amusement park in Johannesburg. This park has some fearful rides in the whole world. 

Storm Chaser Gold Reef City Accident

Gold Reef is an amusement park in South Africa’s Johannesburg. The park has some scary and adventurous rides to try. But risks go hand in hand with adventure, height, and speedily rotating swings. The keyword demands to know about an accident related to a storm chaser ride.

Unfortunately, the Gold Reef City Theme Park storm chaser accident was not traceable. Reports say there is not much fatality at the park. But many cases of people suffer severe injuries while visiting the park. There was a case over 2 years ago where a woman was injured and filed a claim.

Gold Reef City Anaconda

Anaconda is the name of a ride at the Gold Reef, and around June 2021, a case surfaced. A 42-year-old woman named Candis Goodwin filed a suit against Gold Reef City and sued them for 3.6 million Rands. She said she broke her shin bone while riding an Anaconda at Gold Reef City Johannesburg due to safety negligence. 

However, the authorities of the theme park constantly denied the accusations. They said it could never happen, and there was no chance that their ride operators lacked safety measures or broke any rules. Candis said it happened a year earlier; she visited the park with her colleagues. 

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Gold Reef City Entrance Fee & More

The general entrance fee for the Gold Reef City is 250 Rand. But there are different tiers to the cost. It may vary according to the number of people visiting in a group and people having Reward cards. This place has a museum also. Gold Reef City Hotel is near the theme park so that people visiting from far away can stay at night. 

The entrance fee is for one day, and they offer the following;

  • 18 Rides and 10 Rides for the young people
  • A Trampoline Park 
  • 23 Rides for Kids
  • 4D Theatre 
  • And other interactive things

Social Media For Gold Reef City Theme Park

Instagram Account for Gold Reef City:

They have 48.4 thousand followers. 


On this page, they have more than 23 thousand followers. 

This is a very popular place, and people worldwide visit here to experience the Gold Reef City Johannesburg. All the social media accounts are active, and posts about the upcoming festivals are being uploaded regularly. 

Linktree for Gold Reef City:

Follow the link to find more details.


The article details an amusement theme park, Gold Reef City, in Johannesburg, South Africa. People are asking about the Gold Reef City Anaconda accident. But we could not find one. We did find a 2-year-old case where a woman claimed to have broken her shin bone during her visit and on the Storm Chaser. For more details about the Gold Reef City, visit the Wikipedia page here.

Do you know the Gold Reef City Entrance Fee? Please comment on your answer below. 

Disclaimer: Not many proper details are available. Thus, we have limited information. 

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