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Sticky Golf Pro Reviews {Nov} Buy After Reading It!

Read about Sticky Golf Pro Reviews to learn its features, legitimacy,and how sticky golf mats enhance your chip shot skills.

Golf involves physical activity and allows people to exercise,build skills,interact socially,relax,and challenge themselves. It is admired for its history and skill requirements,promoting appreciation and as a luxury game in Australia,the United Kingdom,and the United States. Let’s check Sticky Golf Pro Reviews to learn about a training set.

A Brief Sticky Golf Pro Reviews:

The Sticky Golf Pro set is an accessory that enhances a golfer’s chipping skills. It consists of a mat with different target areas,scoring between 10 and 100. Placing the mat indoors or outdoors allows golfers to practice hitting the balls towards the targets,replicating actual chipping scenarios on a golf course. 

The Sticky Golf Pro tool enables golfers to refine their precision,trajectory,and distance control,specifically for chip shots.

How to use Sticky Golf Pro?

  • Find a flat area outdoors or in a big room to play golf.
  • Hang the sticky mat should be hunf on a vertical surface with the help of stakes.
  • Sticky Golf Pro Reviews advises the use of a golf club that works for you. 
  • Put golf balls on the grass mat.
  • Stand a few steps away from the mat.
  • Imagine where you want the ball to hit the sticky mat.
  • Swing the club to hit the target.
  • Regularly practice to hit the target consistently.
  • Move the sticky mat to a different spot to increase difficulty levels.
  • Practice shots you want to improve.

Specifications of Cosmo heater:

  • Name: Sticky Golf Pro™ Ultimate Edition.
  • Buy Cosmo heaters at:
  • Original Price: $180.
  • Discounted Price: $89.95/unit.
  • Sticky Golf Pro Reviews of Discount percentage: 50%.
  • Warranty: 30-days replacement.
  • Brand: Sticky Golf Pro.
  • Manufacturer/agency/distributor: Unspecified
  • Sticky mat size: 6ft x 5ft. 
  • Package contains: Four sets of Golf balls in four different colours,a sticky mat,one chipping mat,six ground stakes,and a storage box.
  • Weight(approximate): 1.5 kg.
  • Colour: Green
  • Form Factor: Foldable


  • Sticky Golf Pro gives a realistic feeling due to the angle of the shorts to be played
  • The set is portable and comes with a free storage and carry bag
  • It improves the skills of the golfer
  • The set is cost-effective compared to a professional set
  • The toolkit is convenient to use
  • The set is engaging,fun-filled,and entertaining for family and friends,as four people can play the game

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Sticky Golf Pro Reviews Determining Disadvantages:

  • Sticky Golf Pro set does not include golf clubs
  • Creases will develop over time and require light steaming for five minutes
  • Due to the flat surface of the sticky mat,it can only be used by hanging it on a vertical surface
  • You cannot practice pitching,putting,or bunker shots
  • Golfers may develop repetitive swing shorts due to the small surface area of the sticky mat
  • The set does not contain monitoring or feedback tools

Effectiveness of Sticky Golf Pro:

  • Let’s check about the Sticky Golf Pro set and its brand to know if it is value for money.

Sticky Golf Pro Reviews of the brand:

  • Sticky Golf Pro is a generic brand.
  • is a 2-months and 13-days old website registered on 5th/September/2023.
  • has a short life expectancy as its registration will expire within 9-months and 18-days.
  • Its official website gained a below-average 44% trust,terrible 7.5% business,zero Alexa rank,1% Domain Authority,an average of zero visitors monthly,$0 traffic value,7% suspicion,1% threat,phishing,malware,and spam scores each.

About the product:

  • Sticky Golf Pro is marketed on Facebook and Instagram 
  • The product is NOT sold on any other e-stores
  • The set was up for sale on from 21st/October/2023.
  • Sticky Golf Pro Reviews ascertained determined that allowed ordering 10,000 quantities in a single order.
  • It is difficult to contact’s customer service as the email and contact number were unspecified.

Customer Reviews:

Eight websites,one YouTube,and two TikTok reviews suggest Sticky Golf Pro is not genuine. Click here to learn more about product legitimacy,as was identified for using an internal review system. All product reviews on were positive and rated 5-stars. Hence,such reviews are unrealistic.

Social media links: 

  • does not support blogging or live chat support.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Due to lack of customer reviews and ratings,poor website scores,and absence of product on other e-stores, Sticky Golf Pro Reviews determined Sticky Golf Pro kit as possibly illegitimate. 

No individual reviews,ratings,or delivery acknowledgement for Sticky Golf Pro was posted on customer review websites or social media. No information about company registration or physical address was present. Hence,the Sticky Golf Pro™ brand is possibly illegitimate. 

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