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[Full Video Link] Steven Crowder Wife Video: Check Full Information On Argument Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter, Also Explore His Net Worth, And Kids Detail

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Do you want to know about Steven Crowder’s Wife? Are you interested to know about the Argument between Steven and his wife? If so, read the article till the end. The video showing the Argument between Steven and his wife has gone viral across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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What is in the Video?

A video has been leaked where YouTuber and commentator Steven Crowder was assaulting his pregnant wife. Journalist Yashar Ali released the video footage on his substack. It was seen in the video that Steven and his wife, Hilary, were involved in a heated argument. Crowder yelled at his wife for failing to respect men. As per the report, the couple has been in the process to divorce since 2021. However, it has not been confirmed with documents. The video of their Argument has gone Viral On Reddit and many other platforms.

Who is Steven Crowder?

Steven Crowder is a popular YouTuber and a conservative Comedian. He makes some comments as comedy. Crowder is also popular for a right-wing talk show called Louder With Crowder, based in Dallas. His Change My Mind videos also became popular. In these videos, he debated college students over arguments such as “There are only two genders” and “Male privilege is a myth.” The recent video of Crowder involved in an argument with his wife has made him more popular.

Is the Video Viral on Tiktok?

The video of Crowder and his wife has gone viral on many social media platforms. Among these, TikTok users also got the video and shared it with other users. People have become very sensitive while watching many assaulting their pregnant wives. Journalist Ali collected and published the video from multiple sources on his substack account. The video has got popularity immediately, and people are sharing it across various platforms. People are also reacting to the video. Some even criticized Crowder for his acts. People have also shared the video on Instagram.

Reactions of Hilary’s Family

Hilary’s family stated that Steven has been assaul towards Hilary for years. The video is only one example that shows his behavior toward her. They also stated that Steven sought a divorce from Hilary. He initiated the divorce proceeding a few years ago. He also contradicted his statement in a video announcing that he sought divorce from Hilary. Many others also reacted to Steven’s behavior after watching the leaked video. He was arguing with his wife sitting backyard patio. He did not allow Hilary to take his car. The video has also gone viral on YoutubePeople are sharing the video link to see the incident.

Tweet of Yashar Ali

Hilary’s family reacted after Yashar made the video public. They sent the message to Yashar. They stated that Hilary has been facing cerebral and emotional assault for many years. But she has hidden it from her family. Because she wanted to protect her relationship with her husband, it was like a one-sided effort to protect the relationship. They could not act against Crowder as their daughter did not allow them to. When the video went viral, even on Telegram and many other platforms, people could easily see Crowder’s behavior toward his wife.

What did happen after the Argument?

In the video, Hilary Crowder was trying to leave. But Steven prevented her from taking his car as he wanted to go to the gym. Steven was complaining that he couldn’t go to the gym, call his friends, or go to his parent’s home. Although Hilary offered to pick whatever he wanted, Steven did not allow her to do so. The Twitter video showed that Hilary started crying. Yashar twitted about the video. The video was three minutes long, and many people re-tweeted this video.

Reaction of Hilary

Hilary also reacted to the assault of Steven. She said that she loved Steven. But she cannot bear his assault. She has tolerated it a lot. Still, Steven has continued to assault her.

People also want to know about Steven’s Net Worth which is $20 million. He is a millionaire and still argues over a car. People are criticizing his behavior.

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The Argument between Steven and Hilary has been a serious issue. The video clearly shows the reason for their Argument. To know more, please visit the link

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More details On Kids-FAQs

Q1. Who did share the video?

Journalist Yashar Ali.

Q2. What does Steven Crowder do?

YouTuber and Commentator.

Q3. What is the net worth of Steven?

$20 million.

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