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Stephen Boss Obituary: Know About Ellen’s Show DJ, Check His Cause of Death, Net Worth, Family, and Wife Details!

This post on Stephen Boss Obituary will reveal information on the death of Stephan Boss. Also, read the cause of his death here.

Are you familiar with the death of famous dancer, Stephan Boss? When did he die? His death news shocked everyone as no one could expect his death at a very young age. Some news sources in Canada and the United States shared Stephen Boss Obituary. We must confirm if he is dead or if it is just a rumor. So, keep scrolling through our post so that you can read some valuable information on Stephan Boss.


Obituary: Stephan Boss

Stephan Boss’ official death news was published online by his wife on Wednesday. The medical officer of LA reported that the dancer died due to suicide. It is now publicly revealed by his family that he is no more. His wife shared that he had always valued his loved ones. Moreover, he was a great father and husband. His family is heartbroken at the moment.

Cause of Death: Stephan Boss

The executive producer of the popular show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” had died suddenly due to unnatural causes. The news of his death has been confirmed through his wife and medical practitioners in LA. As per the medical officers, he committed suicide by gunshot. The autopsy report has not been revealed as it is too early to talk about his autopsy report. The exact date of his death was December 13, 2022. Moreover, his obituary was shared online yesterday by his wife. We will surely give more details on his death and the reason for his death once his autopsy report will be published on web pages.

Read Family Details: Stephan Boss

Stephan Boss became much popular after he participated in a popular dance show. Later, he started the Ellen show and became the executive producer of the show. Moreover, in this section, we will update you all about his personal life. Keep reading.

Real Name Stephen Laurel “tWitch” Boss
Date of Birth  September 29, 1982
Place of Birth Montgomery, Alabama
Date of Death  December 13, 2022
Place of Death Los Angeles, California
Reason or His death  Suicide (by gunshot)
Alma Mater Chapman University; Southern Union State Community College
Profession Actor; Dancer; Producer; Television Personality 
Wife Allison Holker
Children 3
Age (when he died)  40 years

These data are quite sufficient for the readers to know about his personal and professional life. Everyone in his family is in shock and heartbroken. His fans are also paying homage to him.


Summing up this post, the readers are requested to read more about the famous dancer, Stephan Boss here. We extend condolences to Stephan’s family.

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Know About The Ellen Show’s Executive Producer: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old was Stephan Boss when he died?

Ans. He died at the age of 40 years.

Q2. How did Stephan Boss die?

Ans. He committed suicide by a gunshot.

Q3. How many children did Stephan have?

Ans. He was blessed with 3 children.

Q4. When did he get married to Allison Holker?

Ans. The couple married in 2013. 

Q5. Who shared his obituary online?

Ans. His wife confirmed the news of his death online. She penned down a beautiful note to remember him.

Q6. What is the estimated Net Worth of Stephan Boss?

Ans. His net worth is $5 million.

Q7. When did Stephan Boss die?

Ans. As per online sources, he died on December 13, 2022. 

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