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She owns a popular jewelry business, and her company is famous across the United States and Canada.

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About the Married Life of Stephanie


About the Personal Life of Stephanie

The husband of Stephanie is Brett Gottlieb. The relationship between Stephanie and Brett started when they met in 5th Grade. They met with each other on a group film date. On that day, Brett and Stephanie sat next to each other. Since they dated each other in middle and high school, but they started dating officially in their senior years. They spent a lot of time together when they were in college. Even Brett transferred from the University of California to the University of Michigan, only to be with Stephanie. Wiki has also mentioned the marriage of Stephanie and Brett.

About the Personal Life of Stephanie

Stephanie established her jewelry and Bridal Concierge service in 2013. Before launching her service, she used to manage a finished jewelry collection service for a reputed Wholesale Diamond company in NYC. She also pursued her diamond Certification from the GIA. Stephanie and Bratt live in New York City and have one son and one daughter. The name of her son was Jordan, and her daughter was Goldie. They live together as a happy family with love. Apart from the family, Stephanie also has a few pet animals. She has an interest in animals.

Biography of Stephanie Gottlieb

Stephanie was born on 17th July 1987 and is a famous jewelry designer. First, she designed jewelry for her friends and family members. Later, her design became popular across the country. She has recently established her jewelry business called, Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry. She has been interested in Art and design since childhood and pursued a career in jewelry design. When her jewelry design made her popular among the elite class of society, she established her jewelry design service. Later she has been able to achieve success in her career in jewelry design. She has built a Net Worth of 10$ million in 2022. Traveling is another hobby she has developed.

The Professional Life of Stephanie

Stephanie maintains the design style of jewelry based on the current trend. She also maintained a blend of the current trend and her style. She has been planning to partner with the best jewelry design houses to give customers a wide range of selections. Due to her skill and expertise, Stephanie’s business has always been on the rise. Her business puts effort into providing the finest jewelry, which is why people accept their jewelry with so much eagerness. Only at the Age of 35 has Stephanie achieved much more. She has always tried to provide services to customers with transparency. Stephanie created some signature designs of Slider Bangle to represent some significant people and events. Most of her jewelry designs have a touch of personal aesthetic along with trending style.

The Online Jewellery Company

Stephanie founded the online jewelry design and Concierge service of fine jewelry in 2009. The company gained followers quickly within a short period. Many celebrities and other people of the elite class started to follow her online business and purchased jewelry of various designs. She also founded the fashion and lifestyle blog 

Parents and Education of Stephanie

There is no detailed information about the parents of Stephanie. She went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study business administration and marketing. She started to design jewelry during her time in college. After graduation, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles and began her jewelry business. 

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Besides jewelry designing, Stephanie also develops a passion for looking after an animal. She has two dogs with her, and she takes care of them. To know more, please visit the link 

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Height & More -FAQs

What is the height of Stephanie?

5 feet 8 inches.

What is the birthplace of Stephanie?

The United States.

What is the birthdate of Stephanie?

17th July.

What is the Net Worth of Stephanie?

$10 Million.

What is the current Age of Stephanie?

35 years old.

How many children does Stephanie have?

Two. One son and one daughter.

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