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Starlink Coin Price {Nov} Contract Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a crypto token that can purchase lands and NFTs for fewer transaction fees in the virtual space. Know about Starlink Coin Price.

Are you interested in investing in crypto coins based on metaverse projects? Read this article until the end to understand all relevant information about this important crypto topic.

Crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders from the United States, India, and the United Kingdom are exploring the new emerging opportunities to park their capital into various virtual space projects. Global players and investors marketing metaverse projects created a huge market demand for metaverse-based projects and their tokens. Continue reading to understand more on Starlink Coin Price.

About Starlink (STARL)

Starlink is a crypto project developed to help people explore different visual and investment experiences in a virtual world. These virtual world projects enable the users to purchase NFTs and earn while playing play-to-earn games available on the platform.

The introduction of Facebook into this space made more new investors participate in various crypto projects related to the metaverse. The virtual environment allows the users a 3D environment to explore and entertain. The users can buy lands, NFTs, gaming characters by using the tokens supported by the platform.

Starlink Coin Price

  • The current trading price is $0.0000755, which is -17% from the 24-hour high.
  • There has also been a -26% drop in the volume of this token.
  • STARL is based on the ERC-20 token that has a total supply of ten trillion.
  • The user can use these STARL tokens as a medium for exchanging various things present in the metaverse.
  • The advantage of Starlink Coin is that there is no additional fee or taxes involved.
  • The users can purchase NFTs using this token and sell them to another community member for a higher price.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Starlink Coin Price: $0.0000755
  • Market Cap: $725,597,232
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $720,062,866
  • Volume / Market Cap: 0.1161
  • Volume(24h): $90,178,433
  • Circulating Supply: 9,979.17B STARL
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000,000
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000,000
  • 24h Low: $0.00007645  
  • 24h High: $0.00008819
  • Market Rank: 230
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $755,008,892.86

Founders and Team

  • Starl Metaverse is developed by Moe Larson and Woof Decentra. 
  • Woof Decentra is a famous developer who has developed tokens related to Shiba Inu.
  • Moe Larson is a crypto investor who has developed multiple crypto projects.
  • The other team members include talented programmers and 3D artists across the world. Read on Starlink Coin Price.

Where to Buy STARL?

  • Starlink tokens can be purchased using Uniswap (V2).
  • Visit the official website of Uniswap (V2).
  • Connect your wallet to the Uniswap website.
  • Uniswap (V2) allows users to trade using STARL/WETH trading pairs.
  • Load your wallet with enough WETH tokens.
  • Select WETH in the primary input box and STARL in the secondary input box.
  • Transfer WETH to STARL.
  • After the completion of the process, the wallet receives STARL equivalent to the value of WETH.


Q1: What is the Ethereum contract address for STARL?

A1: The Ethereum contract address for STARL is 0x8e6cd950ad6ba651f6dd608dc70e5886b1aa6b24. Understand about Starlink Coin Price.

Q2: Is STARL listed on CoinMarketCap, Coinbase, and CoinGecko platforms?

A2: Yes, STARL is listed on popular crypto platforms such as CoinMarketCap, Coinbase, and CoinGecko. These platforms provide the users with detailed insight about the fundamental and technical data. 

Q3: Does the tradingview platform provide charting features of STARL/USDT?

A3: Yes, the tradingview platform provides charts of STARL/USDT in various time frames ranging from one minute to one month.


Projects based on metaverse are gaining higher demand and more crypto developers are working on different prestigious projects. To understand more about it, please visit.

Have you tried to purchase any NFTs using Starlink Coin Price? If so, please comment about it below.

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