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Starlaunch Token {Nov 2021} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

This article describes a gaming token based on Solano protocol, which provides the holders and gamers with reward tokens. Read on Starlaunch Token.

Are you looking to invest in new crypto projects that provide the opportunity to generate wealth in the future? If yes, read this article until the end to understand the futuristic token with high potential.

Investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, United States are looking forward to investing in this highly innovative gaming and NFT based crypto token. Additionally, the increase in members in the online gaming community makes the token more valuable.  Read more on Starlaunch Token.

About Star Launch

Star Launch is a type of launchpad that functions based on the Solana network. The main objective of the token is to develop a multiplayer gaming universe using blockchain technology by helping the players to earn more rewards for their valuable participation.

The reward given to the gamers attracts more players from the online community to earn while playing. This process will increase the liquidity and value of the token.  These tokens given to the gamers can be used to purchase the gaming items available on the platform. The value gets increased based on the demand of the gaming token.

Starlaunch Token

  • The most important feature provided to the token holders is the power of voting. This voting power makes a significant impact on decision-making. This method gives more power to the investors and gamers holding the token.
  • The token is used to purchase NFTs available on the platform. The value of the NFT increases proportionally to the demand of the NFT. Thus, the user can bid a higher price and take the profit after selling the token.
  • The project is completely based on the Solana protocol making it more transparent, flexible, and economic.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Starlaunch Token: $4.19
  • 24h Low: $2.19 
  • 24h High $6.59
  • Trading Volume: $16,352,870.57
  • Market rank: 2777
  • ATH: $6.59
  • ATL: $2.19
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: N/A
  • Market Cap: N/A
  • Max Supply: No Data
  • Total Supply: No Data

Founders and Team

Information related to the team and founders is not mentioned in the official whitepaper and website. However, any official update is to be updated on the upcoming articles related to this topic.

Where to Buy StarLaunch?

  • The most popular method to purchase this token is to buy from the Coinbase platform.
  • Visit the official website of Coinbase. Read on Starlaunch Token.
  • Create an account by submitting basic personal information.
  • The user needs to complete a two-way verification process that includes mobile phone and email verifications.
  • After creating the account, the user needs to log in using the provided username and password.
  • Simple KYC verification is also needed to be completed to initiate a token purchase from the platform.
  • After completing the verification process, the user needs to search Polis or Atlas in the search bar.
  • Finally, the user needs to choose the currency and purchase the tokens according to the current market price.


Q1: Is StarLaunch crypto listed in CoinMarketCap?

A1: Yes, Starlaunch Token is listed on the CoinMarketCap platform. This platform enables the users to analyze all fundamental and technical details about the token.

Q2: Is the STARS/USD trading pair available on the CoinMarketCap platform?

A2: Yes, CoinMarketCap provides a detailed chart on STARS/USD. The user can analyze the charts on different time frames ranging from a few minutes to years. 


Token rewards are the most important strategy used by token developers to attract more potential investors and traders. The increase in investors helps to maintain liquidity in the market. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you invested in any gaming tokens similar to Starlaunch Token? If yes, please comment below about your investing experience with us.

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