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Starknet Token (Mar 2022) Coin Price And Chart

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StarkWare is a blockchain startup that created Ethereum scaling items incorporating rollups technology; it develops solutions for blockchain-based on STARK. Stark products allow secure work for blockchain apps.

StarkWare develops StarkEx and StarkNet, where StarkEx is a permissioned standalone Validity-Rollup, whereas StarkNet is a decentralized permission-less ZK-Rollup.

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About The Starknet Coin

As mentioned above, it is a decentralized, permissionless ZK-Rollup. It works as a Layer 2 system over Ethereum, allowing any dApp to attain a limitless scale for its estimation without splitting Ethereum’s security difference.

Some More information on Starknet

  • It supports scale preserving the L1 Ethereum security by building STARK proofs and verifying proofs later.
  • On StarkNet, developers can make use of Starknet contracts and quickly deploy any business.
  • It also offers Ethereum composability and ease of innovation and development. Please keep reading the guide Starknet Token.

Scale App with STARKs

  • Scaling solutions utilize STARK-based proofs to offer an Ethereum- quick, secure, and flawless experience.
  • Thanks to the SHARed Prover (SHARP) technology, which offers low marginal gas fees per transaction to all users without considering its size.

Founder Details of StarkWare

The Starkware team details are well explained on its official site few names have listed below; please refer:

  • Eli Ben-Sasson: Co-Founder, President
  • Uri Kolodny: CEO, Co-Founder
  • Michael Riabzev: Co-Founder, Chief Architect
  • Alessandro Chiesa: Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
  • Adi Yakovian: Engineering
  • Alon Dotan: Engineering
  • Sarit Asta: HR & Administrative Manager
  • Or Marx: Engineering

Current Price of Starknet Token

The current price of Starknet is unknown as of now; if we come across any latest news, we will surely update it here.

Statistics of The Token

Detailed statistics of StarkNet is not known few information is received from its official site, which is recorded below;

  • Total Value Locked: $1B
  • Total Number of Transactions: 51M Tx
  • Cumulative Trading: $215B

Latest News of Starknet And Key Takeaways

  • StarkWare raised a $50 million addition from investors, so the company’s current value at $2 billion.
  • Starkware plans to launch Starknet Token on the Ethereum platform at the end of November this year. 
  • The considerable surge arrived weeks before the release of the most awaited StarkNet Alpha.
  • StarkNet Alpha will allow anyone to launch smart contracts on the system using ZK-Rollups of StarkWare’s.
  • People are going gaga over the news of Starknet Alpha launch on Mainnet and using various social media platforms to share their views. You may read more details about it here.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are partners of StarkWare?

A1 Figment, Erigon, Equilibrium, Openzeppelin, and Nethermind are the Starkware partners.

Q2. What is the official website of StarkWare?

A2. The official website of Starkware is https://starkware.co/

Q3. Where can one see the transaction of StarkNet?

A3. One can use Voyager, a StarkNet block explorer.


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