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Stanley Charles Funeral: Who Is Charles Stanley? How Did He Die? Explore Complete Information On Funeral Service

This article provides more detail about Stanley Charles Funeral and his service in Touch ministries.

Who is Charles Stanley? How Charles Stanley pass away? Charles Stanley is the legendary pastor who passed away this week. The Atlanta Pastor preached WorldwideHis death makes everyone grieve and mourn. Read Stanley Charles Funeral article to get more information about the pastor Charles Stanley.


Charles Stanley Obituary

Charles Frazier Stanley, the legendary pastor, passed away on 18th April 2023 on Tuesday. Dr Charles Frazier Stanley’s age was 90 years. The Touch Ministries announced the pastor’s death at 7:30 am. The pastor left the world after constructing an evangelical global broadcasting empire. It is the podium of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church.

Known to spectators around the world through Charles Stanley’s wide-reaching radio and TV broadcasts. Stanley demonstrated his ministry after the supporter Paul’s message note in Acts 20:24. 

Charles Frazier Stanley’s Funeral Service

Charles Stanley is a Baptist pastor of America. He was a writer, and he was widely known for his Christianity preaching and teachings.

However, Charles Stanley passed away this week, and his repose happened on 22nd April 2023 from 10 am to 4 pm. Public around the world is requested to pay their respect to the pastor Charles Stanley at that time.

Charles Stanley was pastored for around 50 years, and his funeral was held at Atlanda’s First Baptist Church. Continue reading the article till the end to know more about Pastor Charles Stanley’s service and how he Died.

How Did the Pastor Charles Stanley Die?

Charles Stanley, a prominent televangelist, passed away and is no longer. Charles Stanley’s death was announced to the public on 18th April 2023. The televangelist Charles Stanley led the Southern Baptist Convention pastor passed away at 90. 

Touch Ministries confirmed the pastor’s death news. According to Charles Frazier, Stanley passed away at his home on Tuesday in Los Angeles. But the exact cause of his death details were not shared. But it is believed and obvious that pastor Charles Stanley died naturally. Swipe down the page to know Stanley Charles Funeral and more information. 

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About Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley was born on 25th September 1932 in Dry Fork, Virginia. He was the Southern Baptist senior pastor of First Baptist Church in America for 50 years. In 1971, Charles Stanley became the Baptist leader and was established to favour the church’s development and Christianity growth.

He also moved to provide accommodations for a growing flock in the extensive central Atlanta urban area. All media broadcasted his life on Stanley Charles Funeral day.

Charles Stanley’s Service

After his amazing growth, the church declared that Charles Stanley was always grateful for his legacy of realistic leadership and mystical guidance. Then Charles Stanley was extensively known for teaching In Touch with Frazier Stanley. 

Charles Stanley’s Wiki

Charles Frazier Stanley was born in Dry Fork, Virginia, in the United States. He was an Alma mater at Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryUniversity of Richmond. He was a Pastor and televangelist. He began his work in Christian ministry at the age of 14. Get more details than Stanley Charles Funeral in the following section.

In 1969 Charles Stanley joined the member of First Baptist Church and became senior pastor in the same church in 1971. 

In 1972, Charles Stanley hurled a half an hour religious program. In 1977, he founded In Touch Ministries to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus. 

Charles Stanley’s Personal Life

Charles Stanley married Anna John Stanley in 1955. The couple has two children. Stanley’s daughter is Becky Stanley, and Stanley’s son is Andy Stanley. His son Andy Stanley is North Point Community Church’s pastor near AlpharettaStanley Charles Funeral makes the world to sadness. Charles Stanley served the Moral Majority Board political organization. 

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Charles Stanley, the founder of In Touch Ministries and the Atlanta First Baptist Church senior pastor, passed away at 90 years. Watch more about his service and the Funeral of Charles Stanley at this link.

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Stanley Charles Funeral: FAQ

Q1. Who is Charles Stanley?

The legendary pastor

Q2. How old was Charles Stanley?

90 years

Q3. When Charles Stanley passed away?

18th April 2023

Q4. When did Charles Stanley’s funeral happen?

22nd April 2023

Q5. Is the pastor has a family?


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