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St Louis Homeless Man Shot Full Video: Check Complete Information On Shot Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This post will provide you with factual information about the St Louis Homeless Man Shot Full Video and the case’s aftermath.

On 28 February 2023, a horrible incident occurred before the globe building in St Louis. After that incident, there were hustle and bustle all over.

What happened in the incident? Is it an accident? Who is the person involved? What are people in the United States talking about it? Read this post about St Louis Homeless Man Shot Full Video till the end to know the latest video’s aftermath and details.


What is the video content of the shooting?

People around the United States and the nearby regions are talking about the latest incident, which happened on 28 February on Tuesday. In the viral video, two men can be spotted, one of which was a homeless man Viral On Reddit sitting on the street while the other man was pointing a gun towards the homeless man in the full spectrum of broad daylight.

The man with the gun seems so angry that he doesn’t even see aside what’s happening around him. The video of his shooting is recorded on the nearby camera, and some people standing there call the police and inform them about the man with the gun. After some time, the police arrived and found the homeless man with a wound laying on the street.


This post is to provide informative content to people. The content in this post includes shooting and violence; hence user discretion is advised.

St Louis Homeless Man Shot Reddit– who is the man with a gun?

The video is gaining a lot of views and shares on social media. Some people are unaware of the culprit in the video who shot the gun. When the police arrived, it was a bit late, and the culprit had already run away after shooting the man. The footage was taken out through the nearby camera, and it was seen that the culprit in the Instagram viral video was a 23-year-old boy named Deshawn Thomas. After this, the police kept searching for Thomas, and finally, he was found after some time when he was in the public library. Since then, the video revolves around the web, and people are horrified to see the ruthless happening.

Additional information about the scene- 

According to the witness present there, some people also spotted the two fighting before the petrol pump just before the matter worsened, as seen in the Tiktok video, Thomas shot the homeless man. The man was blind in anger after that fight, and he shot the homeless man ruthlessly without giving it a second thought.

As per sources, after the incident, people demanded Kim Gardner’s resignation and the circuit attorney of St. Louis. They say that the crime rate was increasing in the city, and the criminals were roaming free. You can check out the post in the links section to learn more about the Twitter video.

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To Summarising this write-up, a wild ruthless incident can be seen in St. Louis, where a 23-year-old man can be seen shooting a homeless man in broad daylight. To know more about the incident, refer to this link

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Viral on Telegram video: FAQs-

Q1. How many people are in the viral video?

Two are the culprit and victim, and the other is the witness.

Q2. When did the incident take place?

28 February 2023.

Q3. Did Thomas commit any crime before?

An investigation into this is going on.

Q4. Who is blamed for the situation?

As per sources, Kim Gardner, circuit attorney.

Q5. What is the punishment given to Thomas?

It will be announced soon.

Q6. Who is Thomas in Youtube viral video?

He is the 23-year-old culprit.

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