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Squirtle Wordle Website {April} Hardest Puzzle Has Answer

Puzzle pieces are all about the efforts to reach a solution and the Squirtle Wordle Website is successful in such gameplay. Catch the updates of Squirtle Wordle.

You would agree that young generations are die-hard fans of Pokemon. Most of the gamers have played Pokemon Go. But, there is a new update in the gaming world. Apart from the game, the puzzle is making all fun across the globe. People in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland want to know about the Squirtle Wordle Website as they are getting addicted to Squirtle Wordle. 

This article will guide our users to visit and play Squirtle Wordle on the official website. So, please stay tuned with this post till the end. 

Why is Squirtle trending?

Squirtle is a trending Wordle game based on Pokedex. You need to guess the characters and win the puzzle. However, this game is getting more limelight than usual as it has new features and updates that can make your game more complex but exciting. Everything that a crossword or puzzle lover needs is the highlights of the game. In addition, the new characters have been updated in the Squirtle Wordle, attracting more gamers. To know about its gameplay, please visit the official game’s website at

Squirtle Wordle Play

This section comprises details on playing this newly updated game, Squirtle. Pokemon has launched about nine hundred Pokemons’ characters in generation 1. The Pokedex update has transformed the Fire Blend into Squirtle. However, this game has many characters, and it will require good thinking efforts to guess the correct character. 

  • The players will get eight chances to guess the character from generation 1 to generation 8. 
  • The box would change into a green color if you made a correct guess.
  • The box showing an upward arrow depicts the last alphabets.
  • The box showing a downward arrow depicts the Pokemon with lower height and generation.

Squirtle Wordle Website 

We have told you about the gameplay of Squirtle Wordle, but this section is precious as it will guide all the users about the official webpage where you can play this interesting Wordle Game. 

  • The gamers can visit the official website and start their wordle puzzle. Here is the official website’s address mentioned below.
  • You will see a bar where you can type the name of the Pokemon character, you guess. 
  • You also get an attribute filter feature to make your search better.

So, this is how you can play the Squirtle Wordle game on their official website. Moreover, this Squirtle Wordle Website is built for those having in-depth knowledge of Pokemon. So, if you are one of them, please try this challenge once. It will help you to know more about the characters of Pokemon.

Please visit this link to play Squirtle Wordle.


Summing up here, we have informed our readers of the update of Squirtle Wordle. The game has been updated with many new variants of Pokedex, and it will make your game more complex. Even the game is helpful to revive your childhood. Moreover, it also has different modes; as you pass each level, the level will become trickier. So, be prepared before playing this game. 

Would you mind dividing your ideologies on the Squirtle Wordle Website? Please feel free to mention your thoughts in the comment section.

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