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Squid Game Coin Scam (Nov 2021) Deciphering The Truth!

The guide shares comprehensive details to help investors know if Squid Game Coin Scam or legit.  

If you are a great fan of the popular Korean Netflix show Squid Game, then express your devotion by investing in the native currency of the game, called SQUID. Yes, the Squid Game-inspired Cryptocurrency is available for trading Worldwide, which was started for sale at one cent on Tuesday. Suddenly, the value reached its all-time high of $2.34 on Friday, almost a 20% jump in the market value.    

Squid is the play-2-earn Crypto that players have to buy to play the game. But, what is the new Squid Game Coin Scam that is circulating over the internet? 

Introducing The Squid Game Coin

Squid is the play-2-earn Crypto-inspired game where Worldwide players can earn Squid to complete the stages successfully. Squid is the native digital currency used in the game, and it is available for trading on PanCakeSwap, the popular Crypto exchange.  

Squid Game Coin was announced for sale on Tuesday, and the coin’s market value was set for one cent. Suddenly, the coin’s market value increased to $2.34 on Friday, creating a buzz amongst the holders. They tried selling the coin they had due to the surge in the price. 

What is Squid Game Coin Scam All About?

As the coin’s market value increased to $2.34 on Friday, the holders of Squid Game Coin started trading the coin on supported exchanges, like PanCakeSwap. But, they could not sell them or exchange them for fiat currency and considered the coin a scam. 

However, based on the findings and research, we are not sure whether or not Squid Game Coin is a scam. People are unable to sell them because of certain criteria that developers have set for the coin, as per a few comments. You have to read the following things to know why it is not safe to call Squid Game Coin Scam.

  • Firstly, SQUID coin only supports BNB for trading, and it means you need to use BNB to buy the coin or trade it on PanCakeSwap.
  • Secondly, holders must have Marbles Token to trade Squid Game Coin. Without it, they won’t be able to trade or sell the coin. Marbles Token is the Crypto Token developed on BSC, and it is the key for the Squid Game Coin Trading. The Marbles holders have the authority to sell Squid Game Coin freely.       
  • Squid Game Coin comes with an anti-dump mechanism, and hence there is no chance of any scam.

Is It a Scam?

We have analyzed and found some reviews of people that are considering Squid Game Coin Scam. Here are the a few reasons.

  • People have found many grammatical errors in the Whitepaper of the website. You may read the Whitepaper of Squid Game Coin to check the errors.  
  • The website seems to have fake endorsement from Elon Musk.
  • The Telegram page of the website is not active to share comments. 
  • Besides, the team behind the coin is still unknown.

So, we have got two perspectives in our research and it calls for proper research before investing in the coin. 


Squid Game Coin is making news as the market value suddenly hiked to $2.34 from one cent on Friday. But, holders who are unable to trade or sell their coins are considering Squid Game Coin Scam.

But, we found two different perspectives in our research and hence we can’t confirm whether or not the coin is a scam.

Users have to research and invest carefully to avoid the online scams.

If you are interested in investing in Crypto, please read the Future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing. 

Are you facing an error while trading SQUID coins? Then, please share what steps you have taken to sell it in the comment section. Moreover, you may read here about the Squid Game.

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