Latest News Scam Scam: Is There Any Associated Details Trending On Reddit? Is It Legit? Check Here!

The below post will discuss every detail of Spot’s exceptional service and whether it is Scam.

Are you looking for an excellent subscription service to watch movies and series? If yes, then you surely know about the Spot prime subscription service. It is the ultimate destination for watching a wide range of films and series.

Though there are numerous subscription services across the United States, Spot Prime is quite popular. So, in this post, we will analyze whether this recognized subscription service is valid and Scam or not?


Disclaimer: We are not promoting any website or link; the information is for educational purposes only. All we are unable to get any social media link. 

Is there any scam associated with Spot Prime?

No, we haven’t found any scam associated with Spot Prime. Though we also browse the internet to know the customer’s experience with spot prime, we cannot fetch any data on the internet. Moreover, we have not found any customer reviews on Google or any other website.

Thus, we can only say something about the customer review on spot prime. But any soon as we come to know any further information about clients’ reviews, we will let you know. To know customer reviews on spot prime, kindly read our updated post.

More information about Reddit

There needs to be more information available on Reddit about the website. We will let you know if we find any information related to Spot prime on Reddit. 

What is Spot Prime?

Spot Prime is a subscription service that offers paid services to thousands of people across the globe. The service includes unlimited games, movies, audiobooks, software, and fun.

Although the website provides good service, some people ask whether spot prime is legit. To find out whether the website is legit, we have done some more research and concluded at the end of the website.

Is spotprime. net Legit – Analysis report 

  • The domain was founded on 06/30/2021, i.e., less than a year ago.
  • The domain will expire on 06/30/2023, which means less than only six months are left in its expiry. 
  • The domain name is hidden under Whois.
  • The website is safe with HTTML protocol. 
  • The website scored 65% on the trust index, which is fair enough.
  • The website scored 58.7% on the trust index, which is an average trust score.
  • If we talk about the website’s popularity, then this website scored 235615, which means the website is popular enough on the internet. 
  • Any search engine does not blacklist the domain. 
  • The website scored 20 out of 100 in terms of Proximity.
  • The spam score of the website is only 1 out of 100.
  • The website’s Malware, Phishing, and Threat score are 5 out of 100.
  • These analyzing factors state that Spot prime has a good trust score and index. However, we analyze the website more keenly to find out whether it is legit.


We haven’t found any scam related to spot prime or any customer’s review on Google. However, it is a subscription service you can enjoy after paying the subscription fees. 

Was this post on Spot prime helpful for you? Please share your views in the comment section below. Scam- FAQs

Q1. What are the membership charges of spot prime?

Ans. We have only limited information about the membership charges of spot prime. 

Q2. Do they have a limit for their members?

Ans. No, you can access the portal unlimited.

Q3. Can we delete our Spot prime account?

Ans. Yes, you can delete the spot prime account. 

Q4. Is it safe to use spot prime?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to use spot prime.

Q5. What is Spot prime membership?

Ans. It includes both a Spot prime membership and Spot lite subscription. 

Q6. Is spot prime free? 

Ans. No, it’s completely free.

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