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Splinterlands to PHP (Aug) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell

Splinterlands to PHP (Aug) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell >> Here In this article, we will learn about the digital currency of a game. Read here for more information.

Do you love to play card games? Are you searching for the platform to show off your gaming skills? Then here comes today’s article sharing the details of Splinterlands to you.

The NFT games are becoming popular all over the world, especially in the Philippines. As a result, people show their interest in playing these games, which offers them an opportunity to earn tokens.

Let’s get well known with the in-game currency by focusing on accessing the coin and price of Splinterlands to PHP

What is Splinterlands?

The traditional card games require a lot of time investment to play a single session, so Splinterlands have come with fast and furious battles that hardly take few minutes to get finished. It implies you can earn tokens in a very short time.

The game can be played on both desktop and mobile. Unlike the physical or digital games that allow you to play or trade, Splinterlands gives opportunity to users to trade, sell, play, and win crypto anytime and anywhere. It is why people are searching for the price of Splinterlands to PHP.

You have to collect cards by achieving different levels in the game. These cards can be converted to cryptocurrency. Moreover, you can sell them on different platforms or even rent to other players to earn profits.

Founders of the Splinterlands

The Animoca Brands, blockchain founders fund, and side door ventures have shown their contribution to offer a non-fungible token. The platform was officially registered in 2018. The specific name of the CEO and other team members are not shared on the official website.

Splinterlands to PHP – Price Chart

  • Price – 12.31 PHP
  • 24 hour trading volume – 273980791 PHP
  • Total supply – 200,000,000 SPS
  • Market cap – no data is available
  • Market rank – 2614
  • All-time high – $ 1.27
  • All-time low – $ 0.132
  • 30d low / 30d high – $ 0.132 / $1.27
  • Maximum supply – 3,000,000,000 SPS

Live Price and Market Data of Splinterlands

The current price of the token is 12.31 PHP with a zero circulating supply. The coin is leading the other cryptocurrencies with a position of 2614. The value of the coin is down to 27.02% from the last 24 hours. 

What is the price of Splinterlands in Philippine Peso?

After viewing Splinterlands to PHP price, it is analyzed that 1 SPS is equaled to 12.09 Philippine Peso. Similarly, two tokens will cost you 24.18 PHP. But these values keep on varying as per the time. So, one must recheck it at the time of investment.

How to buy the SPS token?

The well-known platforms like Gate.io, Pancakeswap, BKEX, and Bilaxy are allowing the trading of Splinterlands.

  • Create your account on Binance and put the address of bitcoin to purchase the currency.
  • These Bitcoins will help you to perform exchanges.
  • You can either use MasterCard or VISA to pay. This will add a BTC coin to your wallet.
  • Now check out the price of Splinterlands to PHP and the contract address.
  • Use Pancakeswap to do trading of the coin.
  • Fill in the details and swap to add the SPS token to your wallets.

Are you aware of the Transfers, Holders, and Profile Summary of Splinterlands? Check out the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of Splinterlands?


  • Can we play this game on mobile? 

Yes, Splinterlands works effectively on every device.


Winding up the article, Splinterlands offers a platform where players can earn daily by completing quests and tournaments. If you are interested in buying the token, we have shared the details of Splinterlands to PHP with you.

What are your opinions about this game? Would you please share with us in the comment box?

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