Complete Information About Spain’s Beckham Law - A Comprehensive Tax Calculator Guide

Spain’s Beckham Law: A Comprehensive Tax Calculator Guide

Spain’s Beckham Law, officially known as the Special Tax Regime for Impetrates, has garnered significant attention among expatriates seeking tax benefits. This exceptional statute offers an appealing opportunity for international experts and wealthy individuals moving to Spain. When it comes to understanding the complexities of the Beckham Law, Tejada Solicitors Law Firm stands out as a trustworthy partner, providing extensive knowledge in Spanish tax legislation and effortless assistance in the application procedure.

What is Spain’s Beckham Law?

The Beckham Law, introduced in 2005, was named after the renowned English footballer David Beckham, who moved to Spain during his career. The law aimed to attract foreign talent by offering preferential tax treatment, effectively permitting qualifying expatriates to be taxed on their Spanish-sourced income at a fixed rate of 24%, regardless of their total income.

Benefits of the Law for Qualifying Expatriates

 The Beckham Law’s primary advantage lies in its taxation structure. Expatriates meeting specific criteria can benefit from reduced tax rates on Spanish earnings, providing a significant incentive to relocate. Additionally, the law simplifies the tax reporting process and offers financial predictability.

Tejada Solicitors Law Firm’s Role: 

Tejada Solicitors Law Firm boasts a team of experienced Spanish tax professionals who specialize in assisting expatriates throughout their Beckham Law journey. Their deep understanding of the law’s nuances enables them to provide tailored guidance, ensuring clients make the most of the available benefits.

Qualifying Criteria for Beckham Law:

  • Detailed Criteria for Eligibility: To qualify for the Beckham Law, individuals must fulfill specific conditions, including becoming tax residents in Spain, not having been a Spanish resident in the past 10 years, and deriving income from employment or professional activities. Tejada Solicitors Law Firm offers a thorough assessment of one’s eligibility, providing clarity in a potentially intricate process.
  • Their job responsibilities don’t have to be performed in Spain nor for a company based in Spain.
  • Starting in 2023, individuals who seek the Digital Nomad Visa and fulfill the tax criteria may also qualify for the Beckham Law. Each individual situation must be examined as it is not consistently applicable.
  • Similarly, international individuals, regardless of their European Union (EU) citizenship, who work as highly skilled experts and offer their services to up-and-coming businesses in Spain, either as self-employed individuals or through entrepreneurial endeavors, will also have the opportunity to benefit from the Beckham Law.

Calculating Tax Savings Under the Beckham Law:

The tax calculation under the Beckham Law is straightforward. The taxable base comprises income from Spanish sources, and the fixed tax rate of 24% is applied. This simplification allows expatriates to easily estimate their tax liability.

Step-by-Step Guide Using the Spain Beckham Law Tax Calculator:

  1. Access the Tejada Solicitors Law Firm website.
  2. Locate the Spain Beckham Law tax calculator tool.
  3. Enter your Spanish-sourced income.
  4. The calculator will provide an estimate of your tax liability under the Beckham Law.

Highlighting Expertise in Accurate Tax Calculations: 

Tejada Solicitors Law Firm’s tax professionals excel in precise tax calculations. By utilizing their services, expatriates can ensure that their tax obligations are accurately determined, eliminating the risk of errors.

What the Beckham Law can do to Spanish taxation

Depending on whether we utilize the overall tax system or the tax system for foreign employees, there can be notable variances in taxation. While the standard income tax rate fluctuates between 45-47%, individuals who fall under the Beckham regulation will be taxed accordingly:

  • Incomes up to €600,000 will be subject to a 24% tax rate. 
  • For incomes exceeding €600,000, a higher tax rate of 47% will apply. To determine the taxable income, it is important to account for various sources such as employment income, existing shares, stocks, savings, capital gains, surplus values (plusvalia), and earnings from real estate, which may be subject to a tax rate ranging from 19% to 26%.

Benefits of Choosing Tejada Solicitors Law Firm:

  • Advantages of Professional Assistance: Enlisting the services of Tejada Solicitors Law Firm offers peace of mind. Their comprehensive knowledge of Spanish tax law, coupled with experience in handling Beckham Law cases, minimizes potential pitfalls and maximizes the benefits for clients.
  • Simplifying the Complex Tax Process: Navigating tax regulations, especially in a foreign country, can be overwhelming. Tejada Solicitors Law Firm’s expertise streamlines the process, allowing expatriates to focus on their new life in Spain.

Application Process with Tejada Solicitors Law Firm:

Engaging Tejada Solicitors Law Firm:

  1. Contact Tejada Solicitors Law Firm via their website or phone.
  2. Schedule a consultation to discuss your circumstances.
  3. Provide necessary documents for assessment.
  4. Tejada Solicitors Law Firm will guide you through the application process, ensuring all requirements are met.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients:

Numerous expatriates have successfully leveraged Tejada Solicitors Law Firm’s expertise in navigating the Beckham Law. Their testimonials attest to the firm’s professionalism and commitment to delivering favorable outcomes.


In brief, Spain’s Beckham Law offers a distinctive chance for expats to enhance their tax responsibilities. The significant role of Tejada Solicitors Law Firm in this venture cannot be overstressed. By collaborating with them, individuals acquire access to professional guidance, precise tax computations, and a more streamlined route to experiencing the advantages of the Beckham Law. Safeguard your financial future in Spain with the certainty of unwavering support from Tejada Solicitors Law Firm.

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