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South Carolina Girl Video: Check Details Of Viral Video From Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

The South Carolina Girl Video article discussed a controversial video of a girl who claims to study at USC.

Do you know about a recent viral video of a girl claiming to be a student at USC? What did she do? If you are interested in this topic’s details, follow this article on South Carolina Girl Video. People from Brazil, Mexico, and the United States are curious to know the facts about a girl who used offensive words for another girl in a video.

Details On The Topic

A video got viral on different social media platforms in the past week. The girl is named Jamie Lynn Scott, and claiming she is a South Carolina university student. She first used some racial remarks against a black man, and then she was intervened by a girl, who was also black and the person who recorded the viral video.

Disclaimer:  We do not promote such type of act. We are not blaming anyone. We are just providing information based on online sources.

In this video that got famous on Youtube, Jamie Lynn also used the ‘bad words for the girl who asked her name. Lynn used strong, harsh, racial and unacceptable words for the black girl and their community. She also bragged about her followers on social media. She claimed to attend the prestigious University of South Carolina. 

Response From The People And Authorities

As soon as the video went viral, people began discussing this topic on social media. People lashed out at her for using such comments and showing such hatred. The video first got viral on Tiktok and got millions of views.

After some time, famous influencers started talking about this incident, which brought to the knowledge of the University. They replied from their official Twitter handle that she was not a student at their University. Then people thought she must go to the Technical South Carolina college. After some time, they also denied and posted a tweet in response to the claims. She is a famous social media influencer with more than 10000 followers.

Details on Instagram Account And Other Information

She has more than 19000 followers, has 141 posts, and follows 520 people on the network. She described herself as a public figure, and it is the only account she has. According to her photos, she looks like a college-going girl. She also has a tattoo. 

Many social media influencers, including ‘Tizzyent’, have talked about her. He mentioned details about Jamie in his video. He explained the whole situation. That video is available on Twitter.  


The article discussed a trending video. It included a college-going girl who started to use derogatory remarks about a black man. And then, she starting using offensive words for a black girl who recorded her video. She bragged about being famous on social media and attending a prestigious college. Later the college declined her claims. Read the Central Carolina Technical College’s statement here.

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Updates Viral On Reddit About The Incident: FAQs

1: What is the video about?

A girl used racial and offensive comments on a black man and a girl. 

2: Who is the girl who used offensive words for a black man and black a girl?

Her name is Jamie Lynn Scott. She is a college student and social media influencer.

3: Which college did she claim to attend in the video?

She said that she is a student at USC. That stands for the University of South Carolina.

4: Is she a student at the University Of South Carolina?

No, the University declined her claims.

5: Is the video available on Telegram?

Yes, the video is available on every social media channel.

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