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Soulz Codes Roblox: Find Soulz Codes Trello Details & Codes List Here!

The article below will provide you with Soulz Codes Roblox and all the necessary information while playing games.

Do you like Anime? Are you a big fan of the Anime series Bleach? Do you want to get higher ranks in the Soulz map of Roblox by using code? Roblox offers different types of maps and games for players who enjoy all kinds of genres. Some people like to play football, and some people like to watch movies and Anime. 

If you want to play the Soulz game based on an anime where you can fight your opponent and raise your skills, Roblox got you the game. United States people greatly appreciate the Soulz game and ask for the Soulz Codes Roblox.


Free Codes for Soulz Roblox

Soulz released some new codes that are active and usable in the game to enhance your XP and buy new items. Check out the list of codes given below to get free items in Soulz Roblox:

  • ReleaseSpinsAnother – utilize this code to get multiple spins. (NEW)
  • ReleaseReiatsu1 – utilize this code to get Reroll Reiatsu Color (NEW)
  • ReleaseSpins1 – utilize this code to get free spins. (NEW)
  • Release2XExp – utilize this code to get 2x XP Boost (NEW)
  • RobloxShutdown1 – utilize this code to get 2x XP Boost.

Moreover, you can easily get updates on the new codes from the discord server on the map. You can join the discord server to get all the updates regarding the map and game.

Soulz Code Trello

Gamers are highly dedicated to the game and want to save their previous events and accomplishments on the map through Trello. The Soulz game is also based on the anime series, Bleach, in which a character has to survive and fight to increase his level.

It would be unworthy if the player had to restart their level from scratch whenever they enter the game. So with the help of Trello, players can easily save their progress, and next time, whenever a player enters, they can continue the story. Soulz is a battle game, and with the help of codes, you can easily achieve a higher rank quickly. 

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Final Verdict

Soulz’s new codes created hype in gamers. Soulz players are searching for the latest code to get her words to increase their rank and level. Additionally, it is a battling game so that you can save your progress through Trello.

Which is your favorite anime character in Bleach? Comment below. Also, learn how Gamers find out Robux generators are fake.

Soulz Codes Roblox: FAQs

Q1 Who is the developer of Release Soulz?

Fusion’s den develops Soulz.

Q2 What is the minimum age requirement to play the game?

No information is available. 

Q3 When did the Soulz map get its last update?

The map got its last update on 22 July 2023.

Q4 How many people have marked Soulz map favorites?

More than 3.6 K people marked this map as a favorite.

Q5 Where can we enter Soulz Codes Roblox?

When you click the setting button in the game menu, you will find an option to redeem codes.

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