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Sonm Crypto Price {Nov} Contract Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a crypto token that provides decentralized cloud-based services for its users economically. Read on Sonm Crypto Price.

Are you looking to make new crypto investments in highly futuristic crypto tokens? If yes, read this article till the end to know all the detailed information on this topic.

Projects related to decentralization have influenced many investors and traders from Australia to plunge into the crypto space. It also provides lots of investment and trading opportunities with a high return probability in the future. With the help of blockchain technology, many innovative projects are emerging with the help of smart contracts. Read more on Sonm Crypto Price.

About SONM

SONM provides an alternative to the existing cloud solution-based services. This technology uses more cost-efficient fog computing structure than the normal cloud services available now. SONM also provides different computing platforms to its users for real-world applications. 

The mission of the SONM project is to create an online marketplace using efficient computing power that is free from any owners, more secure, cheaper, fault-tolerant, and fully decentralized. This initiative will help both businesses and individuals to utilize the power of digital computer resources in a much easier, faster, and cheaper way.

Sonm Details

  • Sonm Crypto Price is trading with a good circulating supply of 44,400,000 SNM.
  • The price of the token keeps fluctuating depending upon the market conditions that is purely based on supply and demand.
  • SONM is traded in ERC20 and BEP-20.
  • The most widely used trading pairs are SNM/USD and SNM/BTC.
  • The main use cases of SONM include video rendering, machine learning, web hosting, backend services for data storage, scientific calculations, etc.
  • The main features provided by this token involves complete crypto transactions, availability of open-source products, general computing, rating system facility, etc.

Sonm Crypto Price

  • Current Price (BEP-20): $1.00
  • 24h Low: $0.4922
  • 24h High: $1.23
  • Trading Volume(24h): $89,118,730.33
  • Volume/ Market Cap: 1.88
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $47,496,755.01
  • Market Cap: $47,496,755.01
  • Circulating Supply: 44,400,000 SNM
  • Total Supply: 44,400,000 SNM
  • Market Cap Rank: 656

Founders and Team

  • Aleksei Antonov is the co-founder of the company. He mainly focused on digital assets, Bitcoin, and blockchain technologies since 2016.
  • Sergei Ponomarev is the other co-founder. He is an expert in JavaScript, Solidity programming, and smart-contract development.
  • All other team members are skilled ones in their respective fields backed by great technical backgrounds. Read about Sonm Crypto Price.

Where to Buy SONM(BEP-20)?

  • SONM(BEP-20) can be purchased using Binance and Bibox platforms.
  • To purchase the token using the Binance platform, the user needs to create an account on Binance by submitting personal information.
  • A Binance account is created after email and mobile number verification.
  • The user needs to complete the simple KYC procedures to benefit from the exclusive features provided by the platform.
  • Once every step mentioned above is completed, the user needs to add money to the Binance wallet using internet banking, credit/debit card payment, etc.
  • The fund available in the wallet can be used to purchase Sonm Crypto Price. Consider the market volatility to avoid high slippage.


Q1: What is the Ethereum smart contract address of SONM?

A1: The Ethereum smart contract address of SONM is 0x983f6d60db79ea8ca4eb9968c6aff8cfa04b3c63. 

Q2: Where can one find the fundamental and technical data related to SONM?

A2: All the fundamental and technical details about the SONM token are available on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms. 


A decentralized marketplace is gaining massive global acceptance from crypto investors and traders as it provides high futuristic values. To know more in-depth about this topic, please visit this link.

Have you invested in any decentralized cloud-based tokens similar to Sonm Crypto Price? If yes, please comment below on your valuable experience on the topic mentioned above.

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