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Songbird Crypto Price (Sep) Prediction, & How To Buy?

Please read this composition to learn about the Songbird Crypto Price, a newly launched token on Flare, which joins two networks like Ethereum and XRP.

The developers of the blockchains and crypto tokens discover new methods for making their product unique from the rest. Most cryptocurrencies work on the principle of an abundant token supply to the traders, giving them the liberty to hold many coins at one time. However, the system that we have discussed in today’s article is different in this way. Please continue reading to know this distinction.

In this write-up, we have mentioned the newly introduced Songbird Crypto Price and related information, about which the traders Worldwide are eager to know. 

What is Songbird?

Songbird is the blockchain system for the Canary network recently introduced by Flare, which is a linker network. Flare incorporates the EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine that changes smart contracts to programs a computer can comprehend. In this way, it joins two networks through their two-way communication. 

Flare recently commenced its Canary Network project that focuses on scarce token supply. The aim is to make the tokens more valuable by limiting their provision. Please read further to know Where To Buy Songbird Crypto and other details. 

The team introduced Songbird for examining the alterations made to Flare by its government, like the inclusion of new assets or moderations in the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). 

Founder of Songbird

Hugo Philion, the man behind the modular building system, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Songbird. The other founder is Sean Rowan, who is the CTO of Songbird.

Price of the Songbird Token

The developers have set the initial price of this token in the following manner.

1 XRP is equivalent to 0.1511 SGB. As the current price of 1 XRP is $0.925657, thus mathematically, the Songbird Crypto Price, i.e., 1 SGB, is equivalent to $6.126.

Please note that this computation is according to the present market value of XRP. As the team has formulated a relationship between SGB and XRP, its price will vary as per the latest statistics when the trading begins.

Songbird Coin Supply / Market Supply

The team has concluded the initial coin offerings on 17 September 2021, and its trading has not yet begun. Thus, this token’s data is not available on statistical websites.

However, the official portal states some facts related to the token’s distribution noted below.

  • Total Starting Supply – 15,000,000,000 SGB
  • Initial Inflation – annual rate of 10%

Where To Buy Songbird Crypto

The developers have not started the trading of the subject crypto in its full-fledged manner. They have concluded the airdrops to the holders who had shown interest in the Songbird crypto. Once they announce the official trading, this coin shall be enlisted in major crypto exchanges. According to social media posts, Bitrue will be the first crypto exchange to enlist this token.

As per the latest posts of this token’s developers on Twitter, a wallet compatible with Flare and Ethereum, known as Bifrost Wallet, is available to start the initial trading procedures of the Songbird Crypto Price.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

  • Q1. Where can I find the latest information about the Songbird crypto on social media?
  • A1. You can view the current details about this crypto token on its social media handles on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Github. 
  • Q2. How does Flare bridge two networks?
  • A2. Flare eases the two-way communication between two networks via its Ethereum Virtual Machines that translate the smart contract addresses into programming. 
  • Q3. Has the Songbird token been launched?
  • A3. Yes, the developers have released the subject crypto coin and concluded its initial distribution on 17 September 2021.

Conclusion on Songbird Crypto Price

The Songbird crypto is different from the other crypto tokens in the marketplace as its supply is limited. You can browse through Flare’s Twitter profile to know their latest updates. Also, as this is a new concept, we request you peruse Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2022 before experimenting with the subject token. 

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