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[Original] Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Twitter: Details On Bahsid Mclean Selfie Picture

This article exposed Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Twitter post and more about the terrific incident.

Who is Bahsid Mclean? What was the incident behind the selfie picture? The uncensored video of the son and the mom video footage disturbed viewers in the United States and other countries. A few years before, Bahsid McLean’s name became familiar after his horrendous act performance. Read Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Twitter video content to know the detailed information behind the video footage.

Who is Bahsid McLean?

Bahsid McLean is the criminal in killed his mother. Bahsid McLean murdered his mother in 2013 and later disarticulated his mother’s body. As reports, Bahsid McLean also captured a photo of his mother’s decapitated body. 

The picture that was shared online shows that the man, Bahsid, is holding his mother’s disarticulated head. He took a selfie with his mother’s head and shared it online. Recently, the post has gone viral on social media. Scroll down the article to get the viral footage link.

Bahsid Mclean Selfie Picture

The Bahsid McLean Selfie photo, which was shared on the internet, went viral. It was a sensitive case and gained more attention after the selfie picture of Bahsid McLean with his mother’s head.

In that photograph, Bahsid McLean is holding his mother’s disarticulated head. The post was removed from all social media sources as it is portrayed as a terrible act. The selfie picture of the son holding his mom’s cut head has gone viral. 

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Who killed Bahsid McLean’s mother?

Bahsid McLean murdered Tanya Byrd, his mother, in February 2013. The horrible incident happened in the Bronx apartment. The report says that has happened during the trial. As per sources, Bahsid McLean revealed that he and his friend William Morris later killed Bahsid’s mother. 

Bahsid forced his mother Tania’s body. Bahsid exposed that from childhood, he heard some sounds in his head. In the case, the defense lawyer argued that the victim was affected by cerebral issues.

After three years, in November 2016, Bahsid McLean felt guilty of murdering his mother. He was remanded and punished with 25 years in prison for this horrible crime. 

Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Twitter

This case became controversial after the son holding his mother’s cut head photo went viral on Twitter and other social media. But the reason behind the horrible murder is not exactly picturized. Some online sources mentioned that Bahsid was affected by cerebral problems and that he was in treatment.

Bahsid McLean holding his mother’s head without blur Photograph.

The terrific incident of the son holding his mother’s head without blur photograph defies all notions of humanity. Bahsid McLean, the 23-year-old man, captured a photo in front of the bathroom mirror.

Law administration officials enquired Son Holding His Mom Head No Blur Twitter issue already with unscrambling this terrifying puzzle and were left in incredulity. The photo was just one piece of disturbing puzzle found on Bahsid McLean’s phone.


The horrific photograph of the son holding his mother’s head was shared on social media. The photograph disturbed social media users and went viral on the internet. Click the link for detailed information about the Bahsid McLean’s horrible act. 

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