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[Updated] Something Navy Arielle Charnas: Is Brandon Giving Divorce to Her Husband? What Scandal Is Getting Viral On Reddit & Instagram Media? Check Facts!

Something Navy Arielle Charnas has details of apparel designer Charnas and rumors surrounding her marriage.

Is New York social media influencer Arielle Charnas splitting with her partner? Some of her recent activity on social media sites has raised curiosity among her fans about her marriage. Arielle Charnas is known for her style statement and fashion blog, Something Navy.

The success of her fashion blog allowed her to start her apparel brand, Navy, with Nordstrom. Something Navy Arielle Charnas has details of the blogger and the reactions of fans in the United States and Canada to her recent activity.


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Is Arielle Charnas about to Split?

Arielle Nachmani and her partner’s love for horror movies and Halloween brought them together. Charnas proposed to Nachmani on Halloween day dressed as a zombie, but their marriage was held in all white on 18th October 2014.

There is speculation in digital media that the eight-year-old marriage is about to end. Arielle Charnas has turned off the ability to comment on any of her posts on social media platforms.

Arielle Charnas Wiki, Husband, Age, and Other Facts:

Name  Arielle Noa Charnas
Nickname Arielle Charnas
Date of Birth 13th June 1987
Birthplace Old Westbury, New York
Age  35 years
Nationality  American
Profession  Fashion designer, blogger, social media influencer
Marital status  Married
Parents  Not Available 
Sibling  Danielle Nachmani and Michaela Podolsky
Child  Ruby Lou and Esme Rae
Height  172 cm
Weight  59 kg
Brand association  Mar Jacobs, Kate Spade
Featured for  Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Brides, and BuzzFeed
Spouse  Brandon Charnas

Arielle Noa Charnas Net Worth:

Arielle started her blog in 2009 and posted photos of her outfit. Her style attracted many visitors making Arielle popular among the United States and Canada netizens. 

It allowed her to sign an attractive contract with a famous apparel brand and get a huge follower base on social media platforms. 

She also launched her product line, Something Navy, with Nordstrom. All these activities resulted in increasing her net worth to $2.5 million.

Arielle Something Navy Embezzlement Scandal:

Arielle also got into controversy during the coronavirus pandemic in 2019. At the pandemic’s peak, Arielle posted that she tested positive for the covid-19 virus and arranged for a test kit from her Doctor, Jake. It created a backlash as ordinary citizens could not get tested due to a shortage of testing kits.

Recently social media platforms were seen discussing the embezzlement from Something Navy by her spouse. It is also rumored that they are filing for bankruptcy of the firm.

Arielle Charnas Marriage Split Discussion onReddit

Social media users were seen discussing her recent activity in digital space. The turning-off ability to comment on all her posts has created speculation about her relationship with her spouse. 

Social media Links:

Final Verdict:

The news of Arielle’s split with her spouse is speculation as no official confirmation has beenmade till now. Some are also giving the financial angle to the split rumor. Is Arielle Charnas ending her eight-year marriage? Please Comment

Something Navy Arielle Charnas: FAQs

Q.1 When did Arielle get married?

Arielle got married on 18th October 2014.

Q.2 Which product line is developed by Arielle Charnas?

Charnas developed the Something Navy apparel product line with Nordstrom.

Q.3 Why did Arielle Charnas and Nordstrom’s collaboration break?

Arielle and Nordstrom’s collaboration broke due to the coronavirus controversy in 2019.

Q.4 What is the estimated net worth of Arielle Charnas?

  Arielle Charnas estimated net worth is $2.5 million.

Q.5 Has money been embezzled from Something Navy?

There is no official confirmation made on the money embezzlement controversy.

Q.6What is the number of followers on Arielle Charnas’s Instagram platform?

Arielle Charnas has 1.3 million followers on her Insta account.

Q.7 What is the age of Influencer Arielle Charnas?

Arielle Charnas is a 35-year-old media personality.

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