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Somali Johnny Knocked Out Video Leaked: Is He Arrested? Check Complete Information Here

Somali Johnny Knocked Out Video Leaked is trending. Is he Arrested? The news is spreading on Reddit & Twitter.

Who is Johnny Somali? Why and where was he knocked out? What did Johnny Somali do? Did he get arrested? Where was the Somali Johnny Knocked Out Video Leaked? Read this article if you are curious about this topic because people from the Worldwide are talking about this. Read what the streamers Johnny and Jino got knocked down in Japan. 

Somali Johnny Knocked Out Video Leaked

A video has been going viral on Twitter that shows a man and his camera being hit down by another person on the street. It was Johnny Somali and his camera who were being knocked down on the streets of Japan by a stranger. Johnny was allegedly harassing the people on the streets. 

Johnny Somali Gets Knocked Out while he was streaming on Kick. In the video, everyone can clearly see how a man in a shirt punched down the streamer. He was being disrespectful and rude to the locals. One man, who had been standing at the crossway where Johnny was creating chaos, hit Johnny and his camera in anger. 

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More Details on Johnny Somali Knocked Out Twitter

The video is trending on Twitter, and it has 2 camera angles because Jino was there with Johnny, and as per reports, he was also hitten up by those people. The exact reason is not known: why did that guy punch Johnny? Also, the personal identification of that person has yet to be discovered. A s per sources, all we know is American streamer was misbehaving with the locals.

Johnny Somali Knocked Out Reddit is also discussing this topic, and people have all sorts of things to say about Johnny. Many did not like the fact that he was trying to earn money from the people of different countries by going to their countries and harassing them. Some netizens were happy to see Johnny getting knocked out, and some were sceptical about the scene as they thought it was staged. 

More Incidents Related to Johnny

Just like the Johnny Somali Gets Knocked Out incident, last month in August, Johnny was arrested by the Japanese police for trespassing in Osaka’s hotel construction site. Police made the identification with the help of his live-streamed video as he streamed the act online and arrested him. 

He has been identified as a problematic element because he is making videos and streams in restaurants and on the streets of Japan without any permission. Johnny Somali Arrested due to his disrespectful behaviour, and he was even spotted making fun in Japan. 

Social Media Of Johnny Somali 

His kick-streaming account has been banned. His real name is Ismael Ramsey Khalid, and he is around 23 years old. 





On the streaming channel, he has more than 10,000 followers. Johnny Somali Knocked Out Twitter has made him trending again on social media. 


In this article, we have talked about a kick-streamer who was punched on the streets of Japan due to his rude behaviour. Johnny is known for his mischievous activities. The video of Johnny Somali Knocked Out Reddit has gone viral on the internet, and people said they saw it coming because he was trying to garner views from his bad behaviour. For more details about Johnny Somali, click here.

Do you follow Johnny Somali? Please let us know through comments: Have you watched the video where Johnny Somalis Arrested?

Disclaimer: The video talked about in this article has violent footage; thus, we have not provided link of it. 

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