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Solcities NFT (Oct 2021) Here’s All You Need To Know!

Below post will let you know details of one of the important NFT sales that took place this week. So, keep reading the Solcities NFT post.

We all know how popular Paly to win games such as Axie Infinity are in the present gaming world. Solcity, a strategy NFT based game, adds new hope to the play and win game list.

People in the United States are eager to know recently held NFT sale details; if you are equally curious, keep reading the below post because we have other crucial information other than Solcities NFT

What is SolCities?

Solcities is a city-based master plan game consist of unique 9,999 3D levitating SolCities.

Every Solcity is special in compositions. Each SolCities combination will become an accord to its later resource-building capabilities using the Atmosphere, Land, Air, and Underground components.

Founder And Team Members of Solcities

Here is the information of its team obtained from its official website:

  • Jules – Art & Creative
  • Lawry – Developer
  • James – Developer
  • Zoos – Pm & Marketing

We obtained all these details while researching for Solcities NFT.

Solcities Town Development Plan

Let us now have a sneak peek at the city development plans of Solcity before jumping into the actual topic.

  • Stake For Rewards – Purchase lands, generate the best production, at mining portal Stake your SolCities and win resources. Your land choice sets your game position.
  • Collect & Trade – Each Underground features the kind of resource a land can produce, which can produce only one resource. Gather the resources and trade.
  • Upgrade Your City – Introducing 5,555 SolCities Upgrade Passes in the ecosystem. With an upgrade pass and the right combination of resources, you can upgrade your city. Keep reading the post-Solcities NFT for complete details.
  • Play and Earn – Complete City Missions and quests to get $GOLD. Visit the Reserve Bank of the city and stake $GOLD to get yield or sell it for real-world money.
  • Join Solcities Dao – SolCities exist with its SolCitizens. The team invites all SolCitizens to take part in decision-making and Governance.

Why Solcity is in the News Recently?

All the items sold out in the NFT sale in just 3 minutes, as per its official social media handles. And you can also see the “SOLD OUT” caption on its official site. Hence it is trending worldwide, especially in the United States.

Solcities NFT Sale

As mentioned above SolCities is a city-based play-to-win strategy game consisting of unique 9,999 3D levitating SolCities.

Each of them has unique compositions. The Solcity composition will become a contributing element to resource production abilities in the future.

  • The drop starts on: October 7, 2021, 6:30 AM
  • Starting price: 1.9 SOL
  • Total Items available: 9999 items

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Solcity?

A1. The official website of Solcities is https://www.solcities.co/home

Q2. What is the cost of Solcity?

A2. Each Solcity costs 1.9 SOL on Solcities NFT sale.

Q3. Can I buy items now?

A3. As per our research, all the items are sold out. The sale ended, so you cannot buy them right now. You can get more details here at the Twitter Handle

The Final Verdict

Before we wind up the guide, we would like to inform you that based on our analysis, Solcities may emerge as the next successful goldmine; still, we recommend examine the things once from your end. That’s the only information we have right now; if any upcoming news, we will update it here.

Have you participated in the Solcities NFT sale? What’s your feedback? Did you like the overall game concept? Do let us know in the comment box below. Moreover, you may read here about the best apps for crypto trading.

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