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Solchicks Coin {Dec 2021} How to Buy? Contract Address

The blog will inform you about the new crypto token, Solchicks Coin. You can learn about the token and its features.

Here is a cryptocurrency with a fantasy game. Does it sound interesting? Hope you want to know more about digital currency.

The token gives you a chance to earn while playing the game. The cryptocurrency is authorized by “Solana”.

Cryptocurrency is widely famous Worldwide. The game’s goal is to offer cryptocurrency while you play the game. It also becomes a great community. The coin community has more than 5 million community members.

The name of this digital currency is Solchicks CoinIt is presently one of the demanded tokens in the market. 

Know the Coin’s Features

The vision of the token is effortless and user-friendly.

The authority of the token denotes the token as a “Fantasy” token. It also offers “P2E” and “PVP” gaming protocol and ecosystem.

The game is made with the collaboration of “NFT”. When playing the game, the gamers can use “Solchikcs” as their central part or character. For this reason, the gamers need to use gaming “Metaverse”.

The crypto experts claim the coin has revolutionized the crypto market.

Solchicks Coin– The Interceptors

The research says that this cryptocurrency has great developers, technicians, and others. 

As per the current information, the coin developer’s team has more than 50 persons who conceived the idea. William works as CEO, and Lewis works as COO. 

It is one of the notable inceptions of “Blockchain”. The interceptors’ team has consisted of many knowledgeable marketing professionals, strategists, conveners, social media developers, and financial experts. 

The token developers are already told it is a long-term project. The inceptor’s team wants to make the coin more sustainable than other cryptocurrencies. 

Financial Reputation of Solchicks Coin

As it is a very famous token. We need to check the market reputation of the token. But as per our survey, we don’t find any market ratio of Solchicks. 

Experts are claiming that the financial statement statistics will come very soon. So, we need to wait for the update. 

For the recent time, we don’t get any information about coin’s rate, market capitalization, Low or high price, rank in the market, distribution and total coin supply ratio, etc. 

Don’t worry. We will update you when market statistics come to our knowledge. 

The Buying Reasons of the Token

You can buy Solchicks Coin for the following reasons.

  1. It offers you a fantasy game. 
  2. Traders can win the token by playing the game. 
  3. The coin has an excellent community base. 
  4. The interceptors of the token have great knowledge in the marketing, financial, and technology sectors. 
  5. The token is associated with “NFT” and other various reputable sources. 
  6. The coins work on many meaningful projects. 

How Do You Buy the Token?

There are elementary protocols to buy the coin. 

  1. Buyers can buy the token from “Raydium” platforms by registering their name with it. 
  2. They also acknowledge the Solchicks Coin from the “MEXC” platform buying using the buying processes.


  • Do I Know the Contract Address of the token? 
  1. The contract address is 0x6b7e245abfc423b50bd074aee5bf54507241b934.
  • Why the Reason for Trending? 
  1. The coin’s listing will follow the “Token Generation Event” or “TGE” from 13 December at 2 pm UTC. 

The Verdict

The token is very famous in the market. Many traders are interested in the coin for its gaming reason. 

On the other hand, the token still doesn’t have a market ratio. So, you should invest in the token after taking the expert’s views. 

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You can also visit the main website of the token

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