How Do You File For Social Security Disability

How Do You File For Social Security Disability

Individuals suffering from a severe disease or impairment that precludes them from working can avail of Social Security Disability Insurance, offering monthly benefits to them and their family members. It also provides retirement benefits to most retired persons. However, to be eligible, your disability should last at least a year or result in death, and you must have worked in jobs covered by social security. Engage a social security lawyer in Sacramento to help you file a disability claim while guiding you throughout the process. Continue reading to learn how to file for social security disability. 

How To Apply For Social Security Disability

You may apply for social security disability application, either online, by telephone at (800-772-1213), or in person at your local social security office. Also, you must have the appropriate documentation ahead of time. Use the SSDI’s comprehensive checklist to ensure you have the necessary documents. 

As cited above, you must elucidate severe or complete disability to get your SSDI application approved — an injury or condition prohibiting you from resuming your work and is anticipated to endure at least one year or is likely to be fatal. Social security has a comprehensive list of disabilities and information on how disability applications are examined. Consider commencing the application procedure as soon as possible if you suspect you may be eligible for SSDI.  

Since most claims get initially denied, and the appeals procedure can take months or even years owing to heavy caseloads, ascertaining that you’ve correctly filled out your application form with the help of an expert disability attorney in Sacramento can be worthwhile. 

Points To Consider

  • First and foremost, you cannot be receiving Social Security benefits and mustn’t have been denied disability benefits in the preceding 60 days if you want to apply online. 
  • As opposed to retirement benefits, your age is inconsequential to your SSDI benefit. If your disability gets approved, your payment is calculated as if you had fully retired — the age at which you can obtain 100% of your allocated benefit based on your earnings history. 
  • The term “substantial gainful activity” refers to a limitation on employment income modified annually depending on national salary trends. Apart from trial work periods and other schemes intended to assist SSDI participants in resuming work, you cannot receive disability if you earn more.

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Information You Need To Apply For SSDI!

Keep the following information handy to simplify the application process, or you may engage an SSI attorney in Sacramento to help you collect the necessary documents:

Your Personal Information:

  • Date and place of birth and your social security number
  • Your present and any past spouse’s name, Social Security number, and date of birth or age while also being aware of the dates and locations of marriages and the dates of divorce or death. Minor children’s names and birth dates.  
  • If you want the benefits electronically deposited, give your bank’s or another financial institution’s routing transit number and your account number. 

Your Medical Information:

  • Name, address, and phone number of a person who is aware of your medical condition and can assist with your application 
  • Details concerning your medical illness, injuries, and conditions.
  • Besides, you’ll have to provide your work details, previous and present earnings, office address, and information about your workers’ compensation. 

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