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Snyder Family Christmas Photo: Check Information On Mr Cohen 2012, And Incident Details

Check the details of the Snyder Family Christmas Photo with Mr Cohen 2012 and the Incident that happened with them.

Are you aware of the viral Reddit picture of the Snyder Family picture? What is special in the photo? Have you looked for the viral news of this case? 

People from the United StatesAustralia, the United Kingdom, and Canada are highly shocked after viewing one of the images of the Snyder Family. Let’s discuss the details of Snyder Family Christmas Photo.

What is in the Snyder Family Christmas Photo?

In the social media era, people are more connected, and therefore, sharing information has become more accessible. In this age, people can quickly share anything and make it trending once it interests them or if it is unique. 

One such horrific image of the Snyder family is trending on the internet. The image shared on the Reddit thread is bizarre, and therefore, it attracts the attention of social media users.

The Imaginary Horror community shared the Snyder Family Mr Cohen 2012 photo taken at the time of Christmas. After it was shared on social media, people started liking and giving their opinions on this pic. 

In the photo, we can see a mother with three kids sitting on a sofa while another woman is posing from the side. The background of the photo has a window covered with curtains and a frame perfectly hanging on one side of it. But what is not proper in the Snyder Family Mr Cohen photo is the ceiling. If analysed closely, we can see a man printed in a way that looks like someone died there, and it will start to leak soon.

Is the Snyder Family photo real?

After analysing the Reddit threads and comments of people, we landed on Lee James McKnight’s social media thread. According to our search, we found Lee James McKnight is a popular Irish Artist who is currently living in Toronto, Canada. He has 43.8k followers on his Instagram page and has shared 650 posts. 

On 25 December, @leejmcknight shared a photo with the caption “The Snyder Family Christmas Photo” with their neighbour Mr. Cohen, 2012. The same photo is shared on the Reddit community The Imaginary Horror. 

The photo was edited by the artist and shared on his Instagram page, which, in turn, has now grabbed the attention of multiple social media users. As a fact check, the photo of the Snyder family was edited by the artist Lee James McKnight.

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What do people have to say about the Snyder Family Incident?

After seeing the spooky picture, people are reacting differently. Some said the body is decomposing in the ceiling. Other people said it looked strange on the roof, and seems like the dead body had become liquid and pierced the roof soon. One of the users asked how they did not smell the dampness.

Many are wondering who the Snyder Family Mr Cohen 2012. People who know the artist praise him for his exceptional art. Many commented on the Instagram post that they believed it was real for a second. It took them some time to believe in the art he did.

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The Snyder Family Christmas photo with their neighbour Mr. Cohen, 2012. (Digital edit)
byu/LeeroyM inImaginaryHorrors



The spooky image of the Snyder Family Mr Cohenis shared on the internet and is now viral on Reddit and Facebook. Please keep in mind before sharing that the image is edited by the artist Lee James McKnight. You can check the details of the original Snyder family Christmas photo with their neighbour, Mr. Cohenhere.

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Disclaimer: The news here is based on the viral Reddit thread. We have covered the details regarding this trending news. 

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